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Anyone ever see this at Ebbetts Field?


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I played a quick game at Ebbetts field last night ('78 Yankees vs. '55 Dodgers). I was up to bat in the 1st inning and the batter hits a groundball that makes it's way into the outfield.

As the camera is following the ball, all of a sudden, a large black shape fills up most of the screen, but the view then comes back. It was almost like the cameraman was sitting in the obstructed view section and as he was panning the camera, he had to pass by some sort of obstruction (a support holding up the upper deck? :? ).

This didn't happen with every batter, but it did happen a few more times. I checked my visual settings and noticed that I had the fielding camera set to "broadcast". I changed it to "zoom", played for a bit and did not see the obstructed view occur. I changed the camera back to "broadcast" and a few batters later, the same thing happened again.

Has anyone else seen this happen? I haven't seen anything like this happen in any other stadiums.

Also, I noticed that all the railings in Ebbetts are red. Are they supposed to be that color?

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