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    thank you for this mood, it's awesome that people like you effort to make this, EXCELENT JOB!
  1. where i find the mvp editors? my purpose was not create a new player I only want to put a cheat to unlock all the stadiums.
  2. so far so good after Bigui solution, the only problem is when i try to create a player it crashes, anyone is having the same problem?
  3. Yeah, i have it in gamecube back in 2005 but knowing that the mod it was coming i decided to buy the cd it cost me 50 dlls in that time.
  4. Sorry lol, didn't downloaded i buy it from ebay in 2012 after knowing that mvp 12 mod it was coming. I don't think it's my cd because it has no scratches and the last 2 mods works perfect.
  5. I created a new folder on the Desktop same as Louis 1. When i install the game i put advance installation and i choose the first 2. After that I downloaded the patch #2 and next I install mvp14 3. It works played Astros @ Padres i finish the game 4. next time i start the game i create a new profile and started the game and it crashes
  6. same for me i created a new profile and the game crashes after the loading screen before start the game
  7. finally get it working after louis instrucciones, thank you! did somebody know if there is a MVP14 icon for replace the old one?
  8. did you install it on the desktop? and do you install any patch?
  9. You have to create a new folder on your desktop, name it MVPBASEBALL or whatever, after you do that, try again and install the game on that folder.
  10. My problem/issue is that i have mvp baseball but i wanna to create a iso file, because everytime i try to play the game a box open saying that i have to insert the correct cd and i don't want to scratch my original cd. I remember an old thread that explain how to do that with alcohol but i think alcohol120 its not compatible with windows 8.1
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