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    I have no idea where I got the game (Best Buy, Future Shop… I’m Canadian). Have had it for well over 10+ years. Probably will just do a fresh install.
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    Thank you for both your replies. I am guessing the issue may be cyber faces. I will go through the forums/DL section to see if this fixes the issue. If not I will circle back and give an update.
  3. shorty2127


    I have MVP2005, installed the patches and the game is playable before I start installing mods (not issue with the WIN10 problem) When I install MVP 2015 Conversion Mod (or any roster update), the game loads, but when I set up to play a game it crashes. Maybe I missed this in the forums, but any fixes or is this is a known issue. Thanks.
  4. I play/watch CPU vs CPU. When the screen gets minimized the game pauses - meaning the only way to get through a full game is to have the screen up on MLB2K all the time. With other games (ie NBA2k14), you can minimize the screen and the game continues. Is there a workaround for MLB2k12? Thanks.
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