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  1. I like it, very nice!


    I want to start playing 2k12, but my first attempt with Headtrip47's last roster didn't go so well.


    I couldn't get the faces or the portraits to match, so i gave up.


    If these do work with his newest, last and final roster, then i am halfway there.


    I thank you very much for all your hard work on this,


    I am also going to PM you and donate as well.



    Audios Luti57 2022 1

       32    3


    Can you please update these 5 players with official Id's.


    Brayan  Rocchio   8331 (ID no oficial)
     C. J Abrams       6889

     Jermine Palacios  5063

     Oscar Gonzalez    1900 ( ID no Oficial)

     Yonathan Daza     5235



    Thank you

  2. I also like the overlay.


    Did it end up getting included in the MVP22 you released a couple of months ago?


    Looks nice and goes well with the MVP 22 frontend i have seen you post.


    Release them both together and name it the "Gold Edition" Lol


    Good stuff Marco 👍

  3. Comment on version 1.1.0


    "I've added a unique in game face for every major league player and for hundreds of the minor league players."


    This may cause crashes, if someone has an empty slot in there models.big file that you had given a face # to.


    Have to be careful for crashes,

    I was testing it out and an A-ball minor league game crashed the first time I played.

    The crash may have just been a my models problem, since I have may made so many changes to mine.


    Also some players will have white faces on black bodies and vice versa, depends on the extent of how much a person has edited the original model.big file that came with the mod.



    Suggestion, include your models.big file along with the database folder



    Otherwise, great job and idea! Looks like a fun roster

  4. Wow! 200 downloads "Already"

    That is an incredible feat here in 2022


    The MVP 2005 community has dwindled down to just the faithful since its day, to be expected since the game is almost 18 years old.


    MVP downloads don't sniff 100 anymore


    To get to 200, it has to be amazing!


    I am happy to see that people are appreciating and using all the hard work you put into this.



    Alfredo is a legend, not just rosters but player audio and schedules as well.


    He should be in the Hall of Fame!

    Audios Luti57 2022 1

       32    3


    You should post a list of the new audios you have already made or release them?


    This way duplicates won't be made, because I think a couple of players have already been duplicated.


    Just a suggestion, why waste time on already created players, when others can be done using that time.


    Great Job! Luti57

    I have used all your past audio files and plan to use these as well 👍

    SS - 3B Cyberface

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    Did c469 write over someone else?

    Kelvin Gutierrez


    I guess it would depend on who you installed first or had previous @ c469


    You may need to replace him



    Great job, keep them coming,




  5. I was @ Fenway yesterday afternoon.

    I saw all these kids wearing these Yellow jerseys with the 617 on the sleeve.


    I didn't know what they were? I ended up buying my Son one,

    I remember reading the tag and then after reading this and putting two and 2 together, those are the City Connect jerseys you are referring to.


    Kind of cool and different, now i have to check out the Red Sox yellow in game.



    Nice Work!

  6. Thank you very much for this roster.

    It is a thing of beauty!

    The 3 levels of minor leagues is unprecedented, love the work and detail put into it.



    I think just about every crash is fixable, you just have to know what to look for and the reason why?

    Most likely, faces, portraits, stadiums.

    But once you get it all right, you can't go wrong with this roster.


    Looking forward to the new 2022 roster


    Thank you, alfre2jose

  7. Hi, BallFour

    Can you explain this? "Changed league names back for 2022"

    Not sure what you mean by this?


    And if you have any clue of the txt wording or where it is at in Loklook to manually change this in my FEENG file? Would be great.

    I am using yours from a V2.0 but i have made so many personal preference changes since, i would have to do make these changes manually.


    Thanks for all your hard work, i love the file i am using as well 👍

  8. This is a beautiful update. Looks great in the game!

    Thanks Muller_11


    But be careful when installing it. If you use TIT to install this, you will get an error, and then you won't be able to use TIT again.

    You will continue to get that FIFAFS error.

    Unless you go back and put in a back-up of your Logos.big file (which you should have backed up in the first place before installing) and then try again and install it manually using BigGui or EAGraph.


    Works fine afterwards if you if you install it manually with these other two programs. Looks great and works great.

    Don't know why it causes this error to happen? But it does, I tried it 3 times for 3 separate mods.

    Shane Bieber Face

       83    4

    Is it just as simple as right clicking and renaming them?


    Or does more have to be done to change this from c348 to c627?


    Asking, because I am getting back into this, and have never messed around with MVP 2005 before,

    But being a EA Sports product from the early 2000's lots of it seems very much the same.


    Did some mod work on NBA Live 2000-05 @ NLSC and HH2002, which seems like a lifetime ago.

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