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  1. You do not have anything to do with this is just a greeting
  2. do not be blatant because no wrong way, and if you're using texture "jeferomer" basis, ask him permission because I do not think he'll say no because it is a very friendly person and also if you go to upload a faces of the permit also ask him here because I do not think he'll say no, and another thing was not just Jesse Chavez, I also fixed rather than that of C. Kluber is the only thing you used the texture as a base and you made some changes, and also that of T. Watson is on and you did what you did to Kluber, the only thing that Chavez's uploaded so without doing anything but perfect face is not yours. do not be mad about what I said before using someone else's work as I do not think he likes anyone using your work without permission, I hope you keep improving your faces ... Pide Permiso Panita Antes Usar El Trabajo De Otro... Y Hola Yankee4life
  3. Las mayoria de esas caras son de jeferomer debiste pedirle permiso antes de subir su trabajo...
  4. TheBigPaPi34

    8 Players

    Justin Morneu And David Ross Very Good...
  5. TheBigPaPi34

    8 Players

    Oscar no le hagas daño a ese muchacho diciendo que hizo un buen trabajo tu mas que nadie sabes que el hace esas faces estan malisimas y que tiene que aprender hacer faces y que no suba eso porque esas faces estan bien mal echas pana... Waoo que faces tan mal echas...
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