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  1. I got the new RosterMax2018 I played through an entire season no problem. Going into the 2nd season and during spring training the game freezes on the 24th. I read another thread were someone loaded a new roster and that fixed it but this is in Franchise? How do you load a new roster to an existing Franchise season. Or do I need to load the new roster, start a new season and sim season to the 2nd one again? Im confused. Has anyone actually fixed this issue?
  2. What do you mean you got a different roster? Can I save the current franchise? Because I am trying to do that. How do I load a new roster into an existing season?
  3. I am sure this has been asked/answered. Also apologies if this is not the right forum. Just couldn't find one that fit. Question is how to get my created player or edited player to hit more HR's in simulated games. Ex: I have a player that I maxed out completely 99 everything, mostly because I just like having one. I am not in the mood to play every single 162 game of a regular season. However, I would like to see this player hit more HR's in a season under simulation. Right now I have ran for about 3 - 4 seasons and they have never hit more than 40HR's and gotten an AVG of about 370 or so. Obviously Hall of fame numbers and they get MVP annually but why don't they hit more? So my question is on the batting tendencies. I have tried everything so far. Out by strikeout set to 100 then to 0, Base on balls, etc.. I have mimicked the best hitters on the rosters and still can't really find the right formula. Has anyone gotten more than 52 HR's in a season with a created or edited player that sim's a season?
  4. Good Day, I was just wondering if there is a reasonable way to move the Houston Astros to the AL or if this requires modding the game in some way?
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