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  1. 7 hours ago, Tacocat278 said:

    Basically title. All of the innings start with just immediate going to the batter in the box and pitcher ready. I have had a scoreboard mod in, but have since replaced the files with the original ones. Can anyone offer assistance? Which game files controls batter walk up stats screen?


    Pause the game, go into Options then go into Presentation Settings. You probably have Game Flow set to Hurry Up.

  2. On 8/26/2020 at 3:08 PM, scottybilly said:

     I saw a 4th texture in the player_head_iff file for more than one player in 2K12 that I believe is for long hair. Cole Hamels is one of the players I noticed that has Texture 4. Maybe it can potentially be swapped for an arm texture and added to other player_head_iff files?  🤔

    Cole Hamels does not have a fourth texture.



  3. 1 hour ago, wuilmer26f said:

    Regards, what's the news about the mlb 2k20 list?


    The latest beta has roster moves completed as of 8/11/2020. I haven't moved anybody around since that date. 


    Player attributes and stats would still need to be adjusted, but we can always add that later. That's why it's a beta.


    What I'm having issues with is that AAA, AA and A teams aren't done yet because the MILB season has been canceled, and there's no accurate list of who is playing on what team, since every team has everybody's shuffled around to make room for the player pool, so there's no accurate list of guys in the minors.


    I know everybody wants something that they can play some games on though.

  4. 17 hours ago, SlAyR said:

    Hi Everyone,


    Been looking around and trying different things but to no avail, hoping someone can shed light on this. I recently re-installed MVP Baseball 05 on my PC and loaded the 2015 Total Conversion Mod to my game to start as a base. After I downloaded the "Roster Opening Day 2020 MVP2005" roster, I noticed the Christmas Arms problem, I have attached a picture to illustrate what I am talking about. After searching around, I have found the 2Xflesh(Arm tattoo and long sleeves) fix by DomoeYusa.


    I tried several methods:

    • Tried running the .bat file included, this string of error: 'gfxpak' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
    • After I tried to just use take the flesh.fsh file and use the Total Installer Thingy to package it in, still nothing.
    • Finally tried going old school, and used the Installer Thingy, to unpack and then repack (using raw and compressed methods) the initstaz.big file.


    Does anyone have any suggestions or pointers on what I'm doing wrong?





    If you install this on Windows 10 do not install this game in your program files folder because batch files will not work

  5. 44 minutes ago, rooke@73 said:

    Well that sucks....I been looking at how for days...at least I know now...thanks for letting me know. I appreciate it!


    May I direct you to the Best of 80s-90s mod for MVP, which does feature the '87 Cardinals? The Total Classics series is highly beloved on the site.


  6. 8 hours ago, Fiebre said:

    Thanks @Kccitystar.  Probably the answer is no, but just to confirm with your knowledge from the game.


    1) There is no way to argue with the umpires?

    2) There is a way to check swing with the classic controls?  The last about this was in 2012 and seems like something that occurs most as a matter of luck.


    Best Regards


    1) Nope

    2) Double tap the swing button to check swing.

  7. From looking at your franchise file it looks like around those dates (August 27 in the Schedule_Actual tab), there aren't any games scheduled on some days that begin with 0 and increase in sequence. I don't know how to better explain this, but you can read this post and get an idea of what I'm saying.



  8. 4 hours ago, PapsZ said:

    Yes, I just put everything in high to take a photo, then I put it back in low and it was as if I was in maximum, I went to the task master and I realized in memory it consumed 100 mb more than before, search on google and I can't find the solution, and the worst thing is that it has affected all the games, I don't know what happens


    Si, yo simplemente puse todo en alto para tomar una foto, luego lo volví a poner en bajo y estaba como si lo estuviera en máximo, fui al administrador de tareas y me di cuenta en la memoria consumía 100 mb mas que antes, busque en google y no encuentro la solución, y lo peor es que a afectado a todos los juegos, no se que pasa


    What video card are you using on your machine?

  9. 25 minutes ago, jona2897 said:


    friend I have a problem gleyber torres and luke voit each have their face on my roster but when I start a game luke voit comes out with the face of greyber or vice versa as I solve it


    On REDitor, you should check that Gleyber Torres/Luke Voit have different AppIDs.

  10. 59 minutes ago, picklebrad said:

    Ok...so my computer is back up and running and I've been doing a ton of research on what gear everyone is wearing this year. There are limited slots available so I will probably upload a standard Global with the most used and then add additional .dds files for everyone to replace according to their taste. I am unfortunately unable to create "custom swagger" cleats and gloves because they have to be used universally for every player. If you all would like to make a list of your favorites, as long as they are utilized enough, I will happily add them. 

    With this in mind, the game has 6 styles of cleats, with 2 levels of customization, based on this picture:



    Accents are in the solid green (which should be the green layer in the DDS file)

    Laces/Soles (it's a combination, so they're in the blue and red layers)


    What can be done as well is to make the soles a part of the shoe's accent, simply by taking the sole and cutting that out of the blue/red layers and pasting it into the green layer in the DDS file. I'm just throwing ideas here but I think we should be able to get 3 shoe manufacturers and 2 of their best or most common type of shoe, or if we want entirely 6, I say we do one of each:



    Under Armor

    New Balance




    I think custom shoes can be done as long as they're imported through the texture editor with the right names of the files that will be changed out for them.

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