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  1. 3 hours ago, Umachines said:

    This is kind of my schedulle. The idea is attending first teams with no updates since 2017, those are the ones without number. Right now I'm working with the Rays. I want to make my own version of rainbow gradient Devil Rays uniform. But that extra wide cap logo is gonna be awfull with current 256 caps. Remember 2019 Braves tomahawk logo.





    Throw it on the cap itself, ignore the slot for the cap logo ;)

  2. 6 hours ago, Mr_E_Mann said:

    I'm actually not sure if I'm allowed to post that link, as it's hosted on another modding community's website. But it's called MLB 2K10 Cyber Faces Converter 2.2. Make sure you grab that one, as the ones made for the NBA games will not work.


    Alas, I think I'm going to have to give up on my cyberface editing endeavors, as I'm still having issues that I can't find any answers for. The face textures that I edit only seem to be applied to the close-up views of the player. The views from further away still show the original textures for the cyberface that I used as a template. It's weird, and I've found no mention of this anywhere. I encountered the same phenomenon when I attempted to edit a stadium texture as well -- it looked correct in a close up view, but then changed to the original texture in every other view. The plugin that I installed for Photoshop doesn't actually allow me to save files in DDS format, only open them, and I suspect that might be part of the problem. I've had to save them in PNG format and then use an online DDS conversion program to convert them back into DDS format (DXT5, 512x512) so that I can import them back into the Mod Tool. If anyone has encountered this issue before and knows how to resolve it, I'd appreciate any help. Thanks.

    1) You can

    2) Sounds like when you save your textures it doesn’t generate new mipmaps, and just keeps the older ones instead. Use the NVIDIA Legacy Texture Tools.

  3. Not sure if this was a bug or something, but the names on the back of the jerseys don't appear for the Giants home uniforms, at all. 


    The usual method that I figured you did was to black out the alpha channel so the letters won't even show up, and then blank out the green specular map so nothing shows up, but reimporting these from the road uniforms into the home set has literally no effect, which is strange and I find it hard to believe its' hardcoded in some way.

  4. That looks great brother! Sidenote, using Streamable over YouTube is *perfect* for these types of short clips.


    Also, the DownImp 1/2 values might be associated with movement when there's minimal/maximum effort on each pitch, it looks like.

  5. 1 hour ago, Giantsfan4ever said:

    There have been 11 uniforms updated to 2020 so far.  I am wondering if there will be more of the teams uniforms coming yet.  I know this covit 19 virus slows things down a lot, and I don't personally have the skills needed to do them myself, or I would.  Thanks for all the time and hard work you modders have put into these uniforms to this point.  It is personally greatly appreciated by me.  And thanks in advance for your answer to my inquiry.


    I've made uniforms for 2K12 and I just follow the same workflow most modders do and just mod as time allows. From what I've seen and downloaded, most of the uniforms that have been done have been for teams that have had big offseason uniform changes, so with those out of the way, it's likely you'll see more uniforms over the course of the season, just like last year and the year prior.


    Umachines is currently working on uniforms for the 2020 season and has a thread dedicated to his work that he updates frequently.

  6. 21 minutes ago, WacoKid said:

    Yeah I knocked the trajectory down to 255, and had horiz impulse at 1.000(lowered to 0.750 after that) and parameter 4 I had at 0.600.  Honestly it looked funny but a little better and more noticable as to what kind of pitch it was.

    I think the horizImp value determines how much external forces affect the trajectory of the pitch. A knuckleball has a HorizImp value of 0.75 but if I bump this up to a 1.0 it's going to be butterfly levels.


    From what I've been analyzing it looks like the DiffVeloc/Unexp/Traj determine the variations in "stuff" among pitchers. I changed everything to a value of 1 across the board for all of the Diff cells and it made everyone a 99 OVR apparently

  7. 58 minutes ago, WacoKid said:


    Thanks for the info, I didn't think to check the 2k11 docs.  I'll read that next chance i get.  My GF leaves town for a week Saturday so I'll have some actual time into these projects.


    I had quite a solid 2 seamer myself.  Ya need the movement when you arent overpowering anyone with your heater.  No better feeling than to catch someone looking an a corner.  With ya on Maddux,  he was a master of his craft.  


    Did get to play around with the horizontal and trajectory values today.  On a 2 seam fastball was able to get a more realistic effect, but it was a bit over done and needs to be toned down.  Only got to run through a few at batters, but did see both ground and fly balls, not enough to determine how much it affects batted balls.  I have a video, but it recorded very small and hard to see.  I need to figure put my settings for that so I can start a thread with results of experiments.


    What values did you set up for the 2-Seamer? I can probably tinker with this tonight. Figure I'd copy the values of the sinker and just change a couple of things, maybe adding more vertical drop by changing the trajectory from 260 to 255?

  8. 3 hours ago, WacoKid said:

    Got Reditor working on my laptop finally.  Was perusing through getting familiar and I noticed there is a pitches tab to my chagrin.  There is an area to adjust the trajectories of the actual pitches, as well as horizontal and vertical movement.  One thing I noticed specifically with horizontal movement, there are 2 values.  The first is generally left empty, Horizontal impulse.  The next one is labeled parameter 4, but is described and an unknown parameter, and looks to be Horizontal impulse 2 for the second phase of the pitches flight, since it is usually where that value is input for.  Has anyone ever messed with this value, didn't see any topics here or at OPS?   


    Watching video of pitches, and then how they appear in the game, There is opportunity to bring new life to a pitching system that is already pretty solid in my opinion.  I'm going to mess around with the Horizontal impulse 1 for certain pitches, initially 2 seam fastballs and change-ups to see if i can get a more realistic effect for the balls path to the plate.  2 seam fastballs in game, just seem to kind of start straight, and then break late.  In real life, part of the deception of a good two seamer, is that it initially looks like it may be inside/outside and cuts back to catch a corner, or generally fool the hitter long enough to make them not swing, miss, or draw soft contact.  The deception starts upon release.


    I love a good two-seam fastball and I'm fairly good at throwing one in real life. Should also explain why Maddux is my favorite hurler of all time. Incredible find and analysis. I'm all for figuring this out with you and anyone interested. I moved this into the general 2K12 forum as I feel it's something that can be looked at.


    The tab isn't explained in the 2K12 manual for REDitor, but it is in the 2K11 documentation, so I'll chime in on what I've skimmed through:


    It looks like the game uses an Impulse value to determine the forces between the bat and the ball and momentum from when a ball leaves a pitcher's hand. (Maybe a fielder as well, but idk)

    Trajectory affects to my understanding the full intended direction of a pitch thrown, according to this here, based on a RHP in the game. All values are in the inverse for a left handed pitcher:





    When I first started messing with this, the values I figured that were in DownImp1 and DownImp2, given the low and then high number in them, were values for the min-max RPM (spin) of each pitch. I was wrong!


    Maybe this influences movement along with HorzImp? From what's explained in the 2K11 REDitor manual, HorzImp is the value that determines how much a ball will go left or right depending on whether the pitcher is a lefty or a righty. This would probably explain why every value for each pitch is set to 0.  

    I'm thinking that, and maybe it's because of the coffee, but @WacoKid I wonder if the value of HorizImp affects hit trajectory rather than the pitch. Tinker with the values a bit. 


    From what I've messed with, the 2-Seamer according to the diagram above has a trajectory of 260 degrees. If it's an RHP, it's a slight dip to the left, off-center. Maybe tinkering with the HorizImp value on that pitch (like changing the value from 0 to 0.75) will make the trajectory of the pitch much more pronounced? Only one way to find out ;)



  9. There was no real need for a new thread, so I merged both of them.

    • When you open the editor (the most recent one is 1.1, so download that), click on Browse, then load up the .ROS file that you're looking to import the colorlist text file:


    • Click the Uniforms tab, then hit the import button at the bottom. Select the .txt file from the uniform pack:


    The roster will import the list and automatically save the roster.

  10. 1 hour ago, Umachines said:

    Several hour without energy every day have made me slow down the updating process. Anyway, right now I'm working with the Tigers, and this is a WIP picture of the Detroit Stars Negro Leages uniform.



    I would probably make the pinstripes at least at 70% opacity if possible so everything else can pop, other than that it's solid!


    Sidenote, the little box at the bottom is the texture color for the neck model in the uniform select screen. If you wanted to utilize this in a template, you can make that a separate thing in a solid color (light grey maybe) above all layers ;)

  11. This is great work, but the hardest part about coming up with ratings/formulas/recipes is that there are a lot of posts and topics that talk about it but it's scattered throughout Operation Sports and on this site itself, so you really gotta dig around to find it. A few guys with expertise on these things are no longer active in the community.

  12. 1 hour ago, jvavrik97 said:

    I may be missing something, so I apologize if I waste anyone's time, but how do I find this spread sheet? I don't see a link in the original post...


    I haven't updated this list yet because of personal things going on at the moment.

  13. 1 hour ago, Yankee4Life said:


    No worries man. It's not a bad question and it got me to thinking. Kraw did make a TiT for the 2k series and you can check it out and if you want you can download it right here. And I would put it in the main directory just like its Mvp counterpart. I hope that helps.



    TiT for the MLB2K games is a little different, because you can install it in a non-main directory. It will ask you where your MLB2K12 folder is located the first time you run it, so any time you run it again it will assume that's the directory you're installing your mods to

  14. 53 minutes ago, picklebrad said:

    In Game...still can't figure out how to do his eyes. 

    mlb2k12 2020-05-06 22-58-44-53.jpg

    mlb2k12 2020-05-06 22-57-23-56.jpg

    Are the eyeballs a joint part (meaning both of them are considered "one" part when opening the model in Blender) or is each eyeball a separate part?


    If they're separate then it's just a matter of telling the UV map to reference the face texture (similar to how you would map the CF texture to the 3D headshape), and you can probably add the eyeball texture to a blank spot the game doesn't map on the CF texture, leaving the other eyeball default as it always has been

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