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  1. I think it's too much 2K20 branding.
  2. Hi, Other than sites like amazon and ebay, there is no place to get a copy of MVP Baseball 2005 considering it is not a downloadable title like other modern games
  3. Hi, I'm not sure if this would be possible with the game because of how it is designed, unfortunately. Hola, No estoy seguro de si esto es algo que sería posible con el juego debido a cómo está diseñado, desafortunadamente.
  4. Wow that's a topic from the graveyard. I don't even remember that.
  5. The idea is that the game's design and features lead you into buying card packs even though it will not tell you explicitly that you will get a high rated card, but there is a chance that there MIGHT be one, like Willy Wonka's golden ticket. At least with MLB The Show, while it utilizes this type of game mechanic, the teams you build in Diamond Dynasty are made up of both real-life baseball stars and randomized "Dynasty players". This is different compared to EA's Ultimate Team feature mode which is just all existing talent. Since it's such a game-within-a-game, it's hard to explain the big differences or go into detail about them. I think they've had video/interviews online that talk about the changes to Diamond Dynasty every year. Of all the games that have utilized this type of mode/mechanic, Sony San Diego is the only studio that seems to balance out making it fun and not making it feel exploitative.
  6. I wonder if one of the Rangers uniforms already has the hats with the right sized logo
  7. I'll do the fonts. Shouldn't be too hard. The 2012 version of the Rangers unis have drop shadows for the fonts and it should be easy to swap the shadows with the green color used as the second border color (00FF00)
  8. It's teams, but ultimate Welp, luckily I got time to explain in detail and rant a bit: Ultimate Teams is EA's idea of gambling, but with sports games. It started with Madden 10. Up until this point, Madden had two constant game modes: Franchise mode, where you take control over an entire NFL team, and Superstar mode, where you took control over a single player. Ultimate Team was a new mode where you built an NFL team by collecting virtual "trading cards" within a fantasy universe. Basically, in a nutshell, you can build a team with any players you wanted from NFL history. It was a pretty awesome concept inspired by All-Pro Football 2K8, where they had tiers of players you can build a team from. Given how successful this game mode was, EA decided to monetize it by selling card packs. You can buy card packs with *real* money and if you had the means, you can essentially pay to win in later titles. The game mode eventually became SO big that it overshadowed sales of the games themselves and started to make its way to other sports titles, like FIFA. A lot of fans correlate the dip in quality of EA's sports titles with the ascension of the Ultimate Teams mode as a lot of their standalone game modes that would give the game some actual depth were cut/retooled in favor of tying in Ultimate Teams into those game modes, year after year. Since EA made a significant amount of revenue from Ultimate Teams, fans are firm in their belief that EA has no intention of putting out a competent product that can sell on its own merits when they can just monetize those in-depth modes or pivot the modes to lean you into buying card packs and micro-transactions. This is a big issue with people susceptible to gambling and even children. It's the combination of building your team and the element of surprise from what you get in the card packs that lure people in. Once they took this feature online, that opened the floodgates. What people don't get is that Ultimate Teams is extremely predatory, especially with underage children. It doesn't exist to celebrate NFL history, or to provide anybody with a good time, it's a cash grab. I cannot truly imagine how they would slice and dice a future MVP Baseball title in favor of pushing Ultimate Team. EA takes an extremely long time to learn lessons, and personally as a community that continues to keep playing MVP 05 a full fifteen years later, we should expect better. Diamond Dynasty from the MLB The Show series is like this in function only. DD still encourages you to play baseball and there is an extremely well done rewards system that doesn't push the idea that you have to spend money more than what you already paid for the game. Theoretically, you can buy a team full of MLB stars, but there are a lot of things that Sony San Diego has built into the game mode to keep that from being a productive goal or even an encouraged goal.
  9. EA will, 9.9 out of 10 times be where there is money to be made. At the time when MVP came out in 2005, Steam wasn't a thing and digital distribution was a risky business that wasn't looking like something worth investing in. It didn't take off until later in the year (2005, 2006?) when Valve as a company started negotiating with third parties to feature games on their marketplace. I'm sure Valve would have wanted to land EA as the big fish publisher on their platform, but I'm fairly certain their asking price was way too high. Right now, EA's bread and butter with all of their sports titles is Ultimate Teams which is a major cash cow. It's why I'm probably one of the few contrarians that don't want MVP to come back given how EA develops games now.
  10. Hi, This has been talked about a fair amount in many threads, and I'm assuming it's because baseball season is normally around this time of year. The original game was never downloadable from EA, as it was a disc based title. Downloadable versions of full games weren't really a thing until Steam expanded their platform service some time later after the game was released. The game can still be purchased from third party vendors, however: The price may be fairly steep because the game is out of print The game is not compatible with Windows 10 due to the security measures being removed from the OS itself that was meant to work with the security check that comes with the game.
  11. The fonts can always be re-made and retrofitted on whatever base you use, just saying
  12. So, leading off, for anyone and everyone working on their own rosters or portrait packages: DO NOT use the following range of IDs for portraits. 2K has reserved these Global IDs for their Create A Team and CAP slots, and additionally they're used for generated players in Franchise: 7083, 7084, 7614 7123-7185 7218-7239 7454-7503 8715-8923
  13. I'd have to take a look at the 3D meshes for Rogers Centre in RBI.
  14. There's not enough information to figure out what you're asking
  15. Even though I'm an admin, I'm not going to pile on you about it, but your profile issue with MVP is something that I nor anyone else have run across with the original disc version of the game, and because you've disclosed that you've obtained a non-disc copy, I'm not sure how to best help with your issue outside of possibly reinstalling the game.
  16. Hi. https://www.mvpmods.com/forums/topic/57836-a-notice-about-buying-and-torrenting/
  17. Looks great, and trust me my Photoshop tabs when I'm working on jerseys is insane as well. What I've run into when working on uniforms is that the kerning (letter spacing) sucks. I'm thoroughly convinced 2K had different artists do the uniforms and never maintained consistency among all 30 teams where it matters. I would personally try to not use the stock uniforms as a base to work with though. Instead, feel free to use my own sets as a base which I've addressed several little issues with the kerning, the fonts, and additionally, even though it was a small touch, I removed name plates for all teams that do not use them (Oakland is one of those teams). The 2015 uniform sets I released along with @raidersbball20's work is a fantastic place to start. What might be a bit of a challenge is rendering the logos and figuring out where to draw the seam on the logos, but for some uniforms, if you use a particular set as a "base", the seam will be in a common place and on others, it will be somewhere else. Some uniforms have wordmark logos like "Rockies", "Mariners", or "Chicago", and others have bigger logos, like the "Mets" script or the "Cardinals" script St. Louis uses. The bigger picture as you get deeper into uniforms and working on several teams is ultimately preserving the fonts, font style, and nameplates across all relevant uniforms for the sake of consistency. They might be small things and I hate that it sounds like extra work, but just in my experience, all of this takes time. When you wrap up on a team, you really want to wrap up When I work on unis, my understanding is that every baseball uniform has 6 buttons. One button usually below the belt line in real life so I don't use all 6 buttons, but each jersey should always have 5 and the spacing as far as where the buttons will go varies depending on the size of the logo (or even where it's placed, like the interlocking "NY" on the Yankees home unis). Wordmark logos (Like "Mariners") should have the bottom three spaced up a bit higher than the larger logos across the chest (like "Braves", "Cardinals" or "DBacks"), as an example. I've ranted for too long, sorry
  18. in a way, every game benefits
  19. the revamped grass textures really make things pop. What an offseason lol
  20. It will be included in the upcoming 2020 roster, but I can't give you a release date for that yet because it's a team effort
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