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  1. I appreciate all your comments, guys. Thanx. Hopefully, this will help me out. Thanx, again. (Go D-Backs!--Hey, what can I say?)
  2. I have played mvp 2005 since it came out. With mods, I have re-installed each year, dl'd the new season mod and played happily. This year, I dl'ed, as usual. Then deleted my mpv 2005, as usual and went to install. When I typed in the ID code from inside the mvp case, I got a message, "This code is not correct." So, I can't play! Anyone else have this problem? You can imagine my frustration.
  3. Thanks, no problem. I will stay tuned and be ready to help out. I love MVP and have played since it started. You all have really improved a game that was already good. (I am semi-retired, but teaching in SE Asia. I still support my D-Backs from here, thanks to MVP Modders (and the TV set!)
  4. I tried to donate today, but when the PayPal message came up it stated that my donation was a "monthly donation." I have donated many times over the years, but this is the first time I saw that. Obviously, I don't want money taken from my credit card every month. Am I just reading this wrong?
  5. I have been dling the mods each year with no problems. Just dl'ed 2015--no problem. Prob came when I tried to reinstall (after deleting) MVP Baseball 2005. I typed in the authentication code, as usual and got a message that it was the improper code. Yes, tried several times, made sure the letters were in caps, etc. Does anyone know, is there a limit on how many times one can re-install? Now, I can't play any mvp at all!!! Any suggestions appreciated.
  6. ​Gordo: You always have the right things to say. And, for everyone, we shouldn't be impatient. We don't want a rushed "product" to be available to us. Rushed = buggy. And, all these dudes are working for free. Thanks again, I love playing the mods.
  7. Rats! I was hoping this WAS the 2015 schedule.
  8. Thank you, daflyboys. I think you have solved my problem. This is the first time I didn't go with a new install of game and patches 1-3. So, of course, I was clicking on an already existing shortcut icon. Will Delete game, reinstall it--then do the whole thing with the new Opening Day rosters. I appreciate the help!
  9. I have been downloading kyleb's rosters for years with no probs. Don't know what I did wrong this time. Any help appreciated: Both with the Spring Training and Opening Day rosters, I dl'd and installed as per instructions. However, the 2014 rosters at end of season just loaded like it was the end of the 2014 World Series. That happened with both the Spring Training 2015 and Opening Day 2015. I did NOT reinstall the original MVP 2005 game this year before installing the updated rosters. Could that be the problem?
  10. I have been dl'ing for years without problems for MVP. (Using MVP13 for last 2 years). No trouble with database downloads of new stats and schedule. But, this year, I DL'ed, installed the Spring Training Rosters but my last year's rosters still showed up. Same today when I installed the Opening Day Rosters. Followed Kyleb's instructions for just deleting files from database and installing his new ones. (I did note there was no schedule included). When I opened what I thought would be MVP 2015 rosters, I had the same ones I used last year, and had been fixing with some trades for this year.
  11. Help, please. I am having the same problem I had with the Spring Training Rosters. They download and install and show up in the database file when I open it, with today's date. However, when I open the game, the "old players" are still in. i.e., Montero is still with my D-Backs. Is there something different I should be doing to install this season? Any help appreciated.
  12. Great to get the rosters. But, this is the first time I have seen the roster file without a season schedule. Is a MLB schedule being worked on?
  13. I have been downloading rosters each year since the annual roster mods first came out. Now, am playing with MVP 2013. I have never had to download a specific cyberface mod before the new year of database files would work. From what I am reading, must I do that this year? Any help appreciated.
  14. Same as Seadream 86. I replaced the dat. files, as I have done for years. But, this time, nothing changed. I submitted this earlier today, but it seems to have been deleted. Help appreciated.
  15. Each file in the database file for Spring training 2015 has a date of January 2013. My MVP database has the latest (from last season) with dates of 2014. By copying the S.T 2015 files into my database, won't everything revert to 2013? Clearly, I am confused.
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