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  1. Indeed. At first I was thinking, "A pitcher just homered off Pedro?" But then I remembered that in real life, Gibson was pretty good with a bat.
  2. Back to playing MVP after a long break and my first "real" game (game of consequence) was game 2 of the 2009 NLCS in my "Loaded" Dynasty. Not sure why I never finished the playoffs. This Dynasty is one I started before the MVP2008 mod and is just for fun...not as a challenge. As the name suggests, it's full of hall of famers and top current (or formerly top) players with the goal of winning as much as possible and hitting the cover off the ball. Bob Gibson got the start vs. Pedro Martinez and the Mets. Top of the 3rd, due to user error on the fielding, Gibson gives up three runs. But, in the bottom half, with Joe Morgan on 2nd (after stealing), Gibson homers off Pedro without even trying. Must have been a good swing. Bottom of the 5th, Morgan again singles and steals second. After Gibson flies out, Ty Cobb singles home Morgan. Honus Wagner walks and Albert Pujols rips a triple to the gap (and I had been thinking double). Ted Williams then hits a deep sac fly to plate Pujols to make it 6-3. Babe Ruth then gets a fat one to crush but it's caught at the wall for the 3rd out. Both teams add one run in the 6th (Gibson with a sac fly), and the Mets make it 5-7 with a Jose Reyes homer in the 7th. In the bottom of the 8th, Cardinals add one more run and win 8-5 to take a 2-0 series lead. Gibson goes 7 innings, strikes out 9, gives up five earned (or...maybe 2, given my error) and has 3 RBI. It's good to be back. Once I finish these playoffs, it will be time to go back to my normal Cardinals dynasty and have more of a challenge.
  3. No, because it worked fine before. I have a config file dated 2007 with the same joystick name and all was well then. But, that's irrelevant now. To avoid frustration and trying to magically make it work, the Gamepad seems wise. And $20 cheaper. Thanks for nudging some common sense, Y4L.
  4. Thanks, BallFour. Maybe I should say Logitech "flight stick." It's the Extreme 3D Pro. I used one a long time ago as well and don't recall this issue. And, the base runners aren't taking any lead, so there seems to be some inconsistency. On your unit, if right stick controls leading off and diving, is it NOT the same way you locate a pitch? That knowledge could be useful as I try to troubleshoot this. The "POV" control is probably causing the problems but in Madden I'm not seeing any similar hiccups. Maybe I should send the stick back and get a Gamepad...
  5. With some trial and error I am back in the batter's box and a Logitech joystick arrived yesterday to make it easier. But, something ain't quite right with the controller set up. If a batter has a good hit that would be a double, he slides into first and stands there. They also dive into first on singles. With fly balls to the outfield, the selected fielder will run a few steps and dive. Get back up...and dive. I've given up a dozen or more inside the park home runs with this glitch. I have seen other (older) questions about this on here, but none have answers. Also, I have not found how to extend a base runner's lead from a base. Nothing stands out in the controller config file, so any coaching is welcome. Thanks!
  6. Thanks, Gordo. I'm out of the habit. I'll search.
  7. First post mentioned Win7. I have the game running now, but not without issues. I can fire up TotalClassics 1946 or 1975 without any problem. But if I try the MVP08 mod, in any game mode, right when a game would finish loading, it crashes. The last thing I did with the game in 2012 was to try the "manual" (maybe that's not the right terminology) pitch meter. Not sure if that would cause the game to crash, but that's the only difference I can think of between the installs.
  8. Thanks, King Kelly. I do still have TiT 2.0.5., so that's something.
  9. Friends, I've been away from this community AND any version of MVP Baseball for nearly 7 years. After a dream (really) about playing the ol' game and having a grand time, I thought i"d try my hand at it again. But, after all that time, and moving from Utah to Florida, I can't locate the all-important disc two of MVP 2005. I got an ISO from a friend, but either mounted or burned, my PC (running Windows 7) keeps asking me to insert the correct CD-ROM. That happens with either the original install or "EAmods MVP 08". Including a photo of disc 1 so y'all can see I do own a legit copy. Before I try a reinstall, just checking if there's something else I should do. You wouldn't think 7 years is too long, but I have only the faintest memory of getting going on the "Mods" and MVPedit2006, TyWiggins team changer, a 709_mvp2005patch5 and a classic pitching cam...It's like I'm someone else now.
  10. Yep, I did...but I had no idea what it used to look like.
  11. Delightful. Legal issues? I don't know what else would lead to such a situation otherwise.
  12. Need a new link, pretty please. Need team changer....
  13. I could use some tips on this too. I have "MVPEdit 2006.2" but I have no idea where the team changer element is. And, TyWiggins' presence on mlbmods.com is nowhere to be found. I get the feeling my MVP Edit is not Ty's...or something like that. I've apparently been missing out on some nice developments in the last 4+ years...I've been playing the "old" game off and on since late 2004.
  14. 744 downloads

    Welcome to my first upload! This datafile modifies the center batting view only. Instead of being roughly where the catchers glove would be, its up where the umpires head would be...roughly. This is approximately the view I always used with High Heat. I always liked this perspective. I think it particularly helps with breaking pitches. Simply extract the datafile and place it in your /data folder. If you are wondering, the changes are to values for 16, 41, and 53 for all BattingView4 entires. Comments welcome at jrus@sfcn.org Go Cardinals!
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