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  1. Baseball in 2012!!!

  2. Good first spring game from the Reds. Although I hate Marty Brenamen's old ***. He is such a negative old goat. He always acts like Captain Hindsight on the radio. The Reds move the infield in and the Indians hit a ball just behind the infield and the old goat is like "What i don't understand is why they would move the infield in?" He is old, negative, and such a dread to listen to on the radio.

    1. Edtench


      I completely agree. Marty's son Thom is also a nattering nabob of negativism. Say what you want about Chris Welch, but at least he seems to have a more positive view of the Reds.

  3. I appreciate all the input guys. I also realize not a lot of people play anymore, however I think there is still a core following who will appreciate a good set of rosters. That being said, I downloaded the roster spreadsheet's and have been working a little at a time. Before I go any further though I want to get some input as to whether or not i am approaching the input of new players correctly or not. Below is a screenshot of how I saw implementing players who were missing from the game into it. These are all new players via MLBPA free agency or they simply were not in the game for o
  4. I downloaded the BaseUp Rosters 3.54 by DaFlyBoys from the downloads section. It appears to be the most current rosters. I began to edit the rosters first by simply going team by team and insuring that every player is on the team. I am doing MLB "Active Rosters" first. ( I am editing in alphabetical order by team; and I am editing the .mbe with MVP Edit.) After doing Arizona and Atlanta I realized there are a lot of players not there yet. No big deal. That is why I am updating!!! However here is an example of the people missing from the active roster and not in the game at all. Most of
  5. Is it possible to obtain the older version of MVPedit anywhere? I don't know how to add a new player and do stats in this version of MVPedit.
  6. I have 08 installed with kg's most recent rosters and the cyberfaces that match them. All I really want to add for now is the bigger pitch meter. I found it over at EA Mods but it keeps saying login or register even though I am already logged in. Anyways, I'm half blind as it is from playing this game for the last five years, lol... someone point me in the direction of the bigger meter please. Thanks
  7. I looked through everywhere I can think of, and I can't find it. I am wanting the team changer (used to have it) that allows you to jump to any team you want during your dynasty. Can someone be nice and direct me. Thanks.
  8. is always about on MVPMODS.com

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