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  1. I'm in year 8 of a dynasty (my 3rd contract term). Usually when a contract ends the club gives you the option to Accept a new deal or Leave. I was given options the last two times my contract came up. But now (I simmed forward to see) when my contract is up they simply don't give the option to leave. All it says is: "Your contract has been extended" Over, and over, and over (fast-forwarded through the next 3 seasons to check).
  2. I haven't touched the cyberfaces, so they are the ones that came with the original MVP 08. Can you recommend a cyberface package that would allow me to use your rosters without issue?
  3. Is this compatible with any TC mod? I'm using MVP 08 but seeing as my team won't ever let me leave I have no choice but to start a new dynasty. I'm really looking forward to this!!!
  4. Hi Guys, I'm not trying to bump my topic, I'm actually still trying to figure out how to leave my team because they keep extending me. I have scoured this forum but to no avail. Does anyone know how to change teams mid-dynasty? I feel like this is a topic that would have garnered more attention considering how the game traps you with one team. Thanks guys!
  5. By stats I mean the actual numbers he's put up in limited playing time. His attributes can always be altered. Ultimately what I'm trying to do is make it as though he never played in the majors before and get his rookie status back. Although I'm not at my computer at the moment and unable to try this out myself, I have an idea: I have created 4 players total during the course of my dynasty (Trout, Strasburg, Darvish, and Reckling). Trout being the 4th and last one created, it seems regardless of name the 4th player created inherits Trout's old career statistics. If I can create a "nothing" player as my 4th created player and then create Mike Trout as my 5th created player perhaps it will allow him to start with no MLB service time.
  6. I would really appreciate any help with this. Background: - MVP08 TC MOD - Dynasty, Year 7 with Angels (currently 2011) I created Mike Trout a few years back, and I rushed him to the majors out of sheer excitement. He contributed nothing because he wasn't even close to ready. I'm looking for a mulligan of sorts, that is, release Trout, delete him, and re-create him. The issue is that every time I create him (even with different spellings of his name, different birth dates, etc.) his old stats always carry over to the new Mike Trout. Is there any way to do this without his old numbers carrying over to the newly created player? Thanks.
  7. Where is the man in white sitting in CF relaying signs?
  8. I read over the topic before about using TyWiggins Team Changer, except for the fact that I cannot find it in searches either here or over at EA Mods. I'm in the 6th year of an Angels dynasty using MVP 08 TCmod (I've played EVERY game) but I've built them up so much so that I want a new challenge. Also, does this allow you to switch teams at ANY point in the dynasty or season, or simply in the off-season? I ask because I would hate to start with a new team and not have a chance to partake in off-season decisions. Thanks.
  9. At the risk of sounding dated and perhaps a tad dumb, I'm still far too invested in my MVP 08 dynasty to upgrade. Will this work with MVP 08 or is it strictly for MVP 11? Thanks
  10. lyon810

    2010 Facepack

    whenever i go to click download, the only thing that pops up is a page full of script
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