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  1. Thanks for responding Gordo - I actually did an clean install again and this time used MVP 14 total conversion followed by your rosters - works fine now. Have no idea why it wasn't working for MVP 15. Regardless, the rosters are great - thank for all the time spent modding!
  2. Having difficulty getting rosters to change despite following up instructions. Clean install of MVP 05, Official patches 1 and 2 (when I installed beyond that, MVP 15 total conversion mod didn't install correctly. MVP 15 now running smoothly on Win 7 in XP SP2 compatibility mode. Deleting existing 19 .dat files and then unzipping above roster file to data\database subfolder (files seem to change based on "date modified" in file details), Open MVP and still the 2015 rosters. Have tried All Star Break, June, and Opening Day rosters all with same result. Can anyone help me figure out where I'm go
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