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  1. Hey Andy! No problem! I simmed it throught the season, and it worked fine for me. Make sure that all the rosters are filled, or it will crash.
  2. Hey Andy, I don't know if you have already completed the schedule file. But I had a little free time on my hands, so here it is: 1998schedule.rar The time of games might not be exactly correct, they're based on the Retrosheet.org schedule data. It includes the '99 and 2000 seasons in it as well. Also, I have yet to test it, so you may want to do so before releasing it the masses.
  3. Best bet, PM a Uniform Modder like RoyalBlues.
  4. I've been using Kumala's Final datafile for a while now, but am having some trouble finding a good balance for pitching. I like to give up unintentional walks, but I don't want every CPU hit to be a homerun. What sliders are you using for: Pitch Meter Difficulty and User Pitch Control? Thanks a lot in advance folks.
  5. Unfortunately, you'll need a third-party Macro Recorder. The recorder in OpenOffice, and the one in Excel will not record things that are done outside the OpenOffice/Excel, which you'll need in this case to get the stats to my rating calculators.
  6. No problem man! Good luck finding a good macro recorder.
  7. Hey homer, A macro is a set of instructions for a computer. A macro recorder is a piece of software that "records" user actions for "playback at a later time". More information can be found here. So my idea would be to paste your stats in excel, record a macro that would copy them to my calculator, and paste them into a new spreadsheet. Hopefully that makes sense. I PMed tebjr with details. Most Macro Recorders are either crappy, a virus, or expensive and good. The most popular is JitBit, but it's $40. (To paste baseball reference data into excel: Right click on a cell > Paste
  8. Hey dudes, Homer, you asked a while ago if it would possible to convert my rating calculators into a spreadsheet form, and an idea hit me: Why don't you record a macro, copying stats from excel into my calculators, generating the ratings, and then pasting the results into another spreadsheet. I don't know how familiar you are with macros, but it's worth a look. If not, I may be able to create a macro that accomplishes this. No promises.
  9. If anyone knows what values change the frequency of balls thrown, thanks! :)
  10. Patsen, this information is great, but please try to stay on topic. This topic is for Modding Questions, not Plate Patience Stats...
  11. Haha yep, I know there's a slider for it. I think that editing it in the datafile, if there is a corresponding value, would give more of an accurate impact. Like for example: BallSpeedMaxMod_BatterPower is the speed the ball comes off the bat. The default factor is set to 1.15. That means a pitch that is thrown at 100 mph, would hit off that bat maximally at 115 mph. I know that approximately 37% of pitches are balls, so I want to reflect that in the datafile. :)
  12. Hey folks: I'm trying to create a modify my datafile, but am coming up lost. I've looked at both the wonderful Datafile Editing Spreadsheets, and they've been helpful, but I can't seem to find a value for changing the frequency of the number of balls (pitches thrown outside the zone). Is there are a value? or is my search futile and an endless goose chase? If anyone can help, thanks in advance!
  13. Patsen, although your stat compilation process is impressive, you can't assume that others will want to use it. If they ask for them, then by all means share. But don't assume. I love this thread for it's original purpose, highlighting the amazing work done by the Total Classics team, let's try to revive it [the original purpose].
  14. The schedule is based on the default schedules, so it follows the same format. Therefore if Team A in the default plays everyday for a week, then Team A in the new schedule will too. There is some randomization involved as well, and therefore it can't account for everything. Generate a new schedule if you don't like the Dodgers having three Sundays off in a row. Lastly, in every schedule I have made the All-Star Game is there, so perhaps you just overlooked it. Thanks for using my program, mcoll86.
  15. That error usually occurs when you open a workbook that was created in a later version of Excel than yours and one of it's modules refers to something that's not available in your version. I made the program using MS Excel 2003. I really have no idea how to fix this problem, however. Sorry bro. :(
  16. Thanks guys! I really appreciate the positive feedback. I'm glad you guys enjoy it!
  17. Hey Folks, I'm sure more than one member would like an option to get rid of Interleague Play. I just need testers to make sure it a sample outputted schedule (without interleague play) works. If a few of you could test the attached schedule, and report back, it would be very appreciated. Just replace the attached schedule.big over the one in your MVP Baseball 2005\data\database folder. Please remember to backup, in case it crashes. Thanks Folks! :) NoInterleagueSchedTEST.rar
  18. Thank you Yankee! Thanks phil! My first try at this, I failed too. Enjoy! Thanks roy. Thanks for the compliments, everyone! :)
  19. It's a really good idea actually... It might take a while, but I'll try to make version 2.0 have no Interleague Play. No promises though.
  20. No it will not keep the two leagues apart, every schedule it generates will include Interleague Play. Perhaps it'll be something I'll add in a future release. I don't know of another Schedule Generator that will not include Interleague Play. Sorry.
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