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  1. EA is now a lean mean gaming publisher, where they don't seem to even touch anything not surefire winner (like FIFA or Madden) determined by their marketing acumen with a ten foot pole. They are trying to come back in basketball with resurrecting NBA Live to challenge 2K, and look where that ended up.
  2. Jayfan33


    Thank you, you guys are just fantastic. I am constantly amazed by the amount of dedication and work put into keeping the game relevant.
  3. Oops, looks like I had a brain fart. Thanks.
  4. I'm interested in cyberface making tutorial by jogar84 and cannot find it in the links provided. I'd appreciate if someone would be so kind to re upload it or point me in the right direction. Thank you.
  5. Jayfan33


    models.big seems to crash the mod for me. Could someone upload their models.big file here?
  6. Hi Yankee4Life, Alright, thank you for the pointers and the link to the roster database. I will definitely install them. As for the models.big, I have not modified it any way, I read previous recommendations of extracting the files from the MVP12 mod to a folder and manually replacing the folders and files. So I replaced one folder, tested whether the game worked and replaced the next one, so on and so forth. The models.big file was in the data folder and when I replaced it, the game crashed, and when I replaced it back with the original one, the game worked. So I thought there was something amiss there. EDIT: those are the two files I seem to have hard time in working together. If I replace models.big and the roster files with the original, vanilla ones the game works flawlessly, even with the rest of the MVP12 mod installed. Perhaps I need to find a new models.big file or something to test the game with. I will report back if there is any progress.. EDIT 2: I've managed to get myself a Win XP copy and managed it to dual boot with Win 7. It was worth it because on Win XP, the mod installs without problem, and although there is an error in installing the two patches with TiT, the game just works. I didn't do anything different from my first futile attempts on Win 7, but I am feeling it has to do with how the game itself loads on different media such as solid state disks rather than hard drives, or how the file system in Win 7 differs from XP. Here's hoping I won't encounter any more serious problem..
  7. Hello, Yankee4Life, I did not add the patches for MVP12 mod. I have not added any other mod beside MVP12. I did however install official game patches 2 and 3 (but not 5) available from the web before trying anything with the MVP12 mod. I have been looking into manually adding and overwriting the files from the mod to the game directory, and isolated the file(s) that cause the crash. One is called models.big and when replaced, it causes the crash when the loading bar is about one sixth of the way (I did not know the loading bar goes a bit toward the right so wasn't sure how much of the loading was done when the game crashes) The other is in the folder called 'databases', and I have not tested every single file inside this folder, but when replaced in its entirety the game crashes about one eighth of the way into loading. After the swapping the files I just try to go into 'Play Now!' game mode and test whether the game loads. Frontend, audio, and other files do not cause crash and I am already impressed by how much everything looks so much better. Thank you once again.
  8. Thanks for such quick reply Yankee4Life. I have tried to run the game by selecting 'Run as Administrator' option. I also tried enabling Compatibility mode to Windows XP Service Pack 3. Unfortunately the game still crashes, but I noticed that after a while it crashes right after the 'progress bar' on the frontend graphics reaches around two thirds of the way. I do not know if it will help but thanks again for your suggestion.
  9. Hi guys, first I really appreciate all the work that you've done on modding and release this great conversion I have a problem though in starting the game. I am able to run the game fine before installing the mod, but after installation the game keeps crashing just before loading any game. I read this thread and have tried to manually replace all the files in the folder, to no success. Is there anything else I can do in the situation? Should I download the MVP12 files again from the site? I run Win 7 64bit, with Intel i7 and AMD HD7xxx series video card. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
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