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File Reviews posted by Gordo

  1. Consider this review the same for all of your other uniform releases in that your contribution not only with these but the other mods have been greatly appreciated!  All of these small to large touches matter to make the game look better while you play.

  2. Excellent work! It's a shame more people don't leave a review instead of just simply leeching files.  They just don't realize the time this takes.  


    Regardless, very much appreciated.

  3. New Portrait 2019

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    Had some trouble installing at first, but probably largely related to my computer.  I have to tend to re-zip to a zip file, but again that could be my computer.  The speed and accuracy in which these are being released is phenomenal and very much appreciated!

  4. faces mlb v 2

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    The faces are real nice!  No crashing.  The official IDs are in the ID thread and they need to be changed to those numbers.  Then in the rosters, the Face ID nos. need to be changed as well.  You can do that either directly in the .dat file or through MVPedit.

  5. Thanks for contributing these the right way.  We still need to see if Kepler (900) still crashes the game.  Also the naming of the files needs to be less generic and more specific.  Possibly a language barrier thing, but there are bilingual guys here who could help.

  6. Although the faces may be great, there are no official IDs in keeping with the community here.  If you install these faces, you run the risk of overwriting many of your existing cyberfaces because, as it has been done many times before, there are created cyberfaces here with no regard to what already has been done.  There are just haphazard cyberface nos. assigned (e.g. Brock Stassi in this pack is face no. 530.  No. 530 has already been assigned to Brad Boxberger --- most likely all 129 faces in here will disrupt 129 existing faces).

  7. Full Beard mod

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    This has been a much needed mod for generic cyberfaces. EA did a poor job with various colored beards outside of black hair.  BallFour now has given us the option to give generic cyberfaces a useful additional look.  Much appreciated!

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