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  1. Awesome work on Constanza, Jed. Could you do Tyler Pastornicky and Kris Medlen? Thanks!
  2. When can we expect a download of some of these? They are great and I'd love to have the Braves unis.
  3. Awesome work! Any plans for doing a Marlins set so we have the players with the new caps?
  4. Always love to see stadium modders on here. Any chance you have the capabilities and desire to tackle the much needed new stadiums (Target Field, New Yankee Stadium, and Marlins Field)? :clapping:
  5. Awesome job on all of the faces, jed! You've done some great work on my Braves and made the game much more realistic. Any chance of you doing Kris Medlen and Tyler Pastornicky? Also, Tim Hudson could use an update. Thanks again!
  6. For some reason, I can't get this to import into MVPedit to update the rosters. It says something about the field being too small to except the data.
  7. Jed - awesome work with these faces! Do you think you can do Peter Moylan, Arodys Vizcaino, and Jose Constanza of the Braves?
  8. Jed, when you get a chance, think you can do Brooks Conrad, Jose Constanza and Peter Moylan of the Braves? Enjoying your work so far!
  9. I think Beachy looks great! Thanks for doing all of these! It really enhances the game.
  10. Great job on Kimbrel. Any Venters, Beachy, or Minor in the works?
  11. You did a great job on Fredi G and Freddie F. How are the other missing Braves coming? Kimbrel, Venters, Beachy, Moylan, etc?
  12. Nice work on KK and Freddie! Any chance you or Homer are going to do a few of the other Braves without Faces (Kimbrel, Venters, Beachy, Minor, Moylan, etc)? Again, great work!
  13. Awesome job! Any plans for the Braves newest young guns (i.e. Freeman, Minor, Venters and Kimbrel)?
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