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  1. Thanks for the update! I was actually thinking about that - the pandemic made me consider playing some MVP once again but after all it has also wrecked havoc in a number of other things in my life - so it's probably the same for the guy working on this Wish you all the best, and in case you have updates we're all ears!
  2. Hi @proiterer! I haven't been around here in ages, but the lockdown is making me reconsider dusting off MVP05. Are you still planning to go through with the 2020 update? This sounded very promising!
  3. This kinda relates to this thread. I just read on EAMods that this year's MVP09 will be released in a smaller way, just as an update for the 08 mod. It will still contain lots of great things (new cyberfaces, new unis, rosters, schedule etc.), but il will be the last Total Conversion from them. They're now concentrated on working with 2K9 and will only work on classic conversions for MVP. This saddens me a lot. I appreciate the work done both here at MVPmods and there, and I didn't think the release of a game that has gotten mixed reviews like 2K9 could lead to a quick MVP abandon. Of course I'm no one to judge their decisions, having had tons of fun thanks to their hard work. Is there a chance someone from here will try to pick it up?
  4. Great thread, I haven't bought 2k9 and reading those reviews I'm not going to. Furthermore, there's a reason why this site is called MVPmods...MVP2005 stands out as the most durable sports game I've ever played. It's always amazing the fun you can get from playing this "dated" game,and alot of the credit goes to these incredible modders. And, Y4L, I wasn't able to stop myself from clicking on your sig. :D
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