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  1. Oops, sorry, didn't see that you had replied to him on his first question yesterday because I saw HalfricanWSox24 asking how to find the program files and copy them again.
  2. Not sure I understand exactly what you're asking or if you've figured it out already but I assume you just wanna duplicate a copy of your already installed game for modding purposes? And if that's the case, simply copy the entire MVP Baseball 2005 folder (that's most like installed in C:\Program Files\EA SPORTS) to another directory, rename it how you prefer and proceed to test your downloaded mods in that copy. You might wanna create a new shortcut for that one since the original will simply launch the clean/original install of the game.
  3. The file you'd need to edit is the manager.dat located in the MVP Baseball 2005/data/database folder. The code appearing in the first row is each team's code, in my game's file the Astros' code is 03fc4c23d.
  4. Hello, thanks for your interest in this project. I have been working on it, mostly on the rosters, it's just that all this pandemic situation changed my job dynamic completely which slowed me down a bit, but the plan still is moving forward.
  5. PlayStation 2 DualShock with USB adapter.
  6. Many thanks for your help, guys! Been working on the organizations' full rosters on all levels during my free time and so far there are about 8 of them ready.
  7. If someone's willing to, it'd be nice for Shane Bieber to get a cyberface. He's gonna be the Opening Day starter for Cleveland this year after his 259 K's All-Star MVP season.
  8. Many thanks for letting me use them, I'm trying to keep every new player balanced to match these rosters you did as a base standard but taking everything from as much real data as possible, so of course that any extra resource that you could send my way will be very useful and greatly appreciated (and tips! I've learned a lot from reading about your experiences with MVPedit on the forums). Will be sending you a private message requesting them, I'm really curious about those. As for the some other aspects of the project: Faces: Almost all faces for currently active MLB playe
  9. Thanks a lot for the support! All those great uniforms BallFour made definitely played a big part in influencing me to work on this project. Currently using all his 2019 (and prior) uniforms for all MLB and MiLB teams but individually selecting each because for some reason the game seems to have some issues when using certain slots and I'm avoiding overwriting the classic uniforms from the original game so they can be unlocked and used normally, or at the very least only update them (example: the 1982 Brewers one he did). Intend to switch to the latest 2020 uniforms later, of cours
  10. Alright, after I grabbed my old copy of MVP Baseball near the end of last year for nostalgia but still ended up wanting to play with current teams, players and stadiums, discovered this community of modders, then started learning the tools, reading all those helpful forums threads and applying many of the fantastic mods published here to the game and have had a lot of fun with them until I decided that I wanted to have the most polished, up to date version of the game possible for 2020 by placing all these pieces together... but with one not so little detail, remaining as faithful as possible
  11. This sounds like a similar issue I'm having when trying to modify part of a stadium to make it more up to date with the current state of the ballpark, as much as I replace the files accordingly in the stadium's big file, it just keeps showing the old textures as if it still had them in some sort of cache and chooses to stick with them.
  12. Hello, hope this is the right place to post this. Recently been modding MVP Baseball 2005 trying to fully put it up to date thanks to all the great content I've found here, I also have some questions, like for example, if I want to edit a texture in the background of a stadium (around the batter's eye area), where do I find such textures (I've opened the file with EAgraph and managed to edit some other things such ads and stuff already). Many thanks in advance to anyone kind enough to reply.
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