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  1. Game 9: Phillies at Mets Another tough loss in late innings. Pat Burrell is too much NL East Standings: April 13th, 2007
  2. Game 8: Phillies at Mets Pat Burrell the Met killer strikes once again. Couldn't get him out at all
  3. Quick Series Recap: New York Mets at Atlanta Braves (Games 4-6) Game 4: Game 5: Game 6: Recap: Felt good to get some offense going especially the last game of the series. Creeping back to .500 ball. Note I will be doing a quick series recap every other series to get games in quicker. Also expect a weekly update of standings of NL East after the next few games.
  4. Game 3: New York Mets at St. Louis Cardinals Game Recap: Boxscore: Pujols is too much. Happy for this series to be over
  5. Game 2: New York Mets at St. Louis Cardinals Game Recap: Boxscore: Another game lost late in the game and this time due to Aaron Heilman (go figure) giving up a 2-Run double to Pujols in the 7th. So far this bullpen isn't doing great but only 2 games in so far so need to panic..yet
  6. All good and yea I felt the same way haha Trust me, I do this in no matter what baseball game I play. I'm terrible at holding leads.
  7. Game One: New York Mets at St. Louis Cardinals Tough loss here. Had the 4-1 lead going into the 7th and then everything started to collapse. Cardinals once again get the late game heroics for the 1st game of the season.
  8. Thanks, glad to be back. Should have the first game up later today and continue through the weekend! Definitely, already use it for streaming for the past few years on Twitch so that was my plan for playoffs. I didn't want to do it for the regular season as that would require a lot of work to edit through the game and such.
  9. Game One: New York Mets at St. Louis Cardinals
  10. 2007 New York Mets Starting Rotation
  11. 2007 New York Mets Starting Lineup
  12. Rewrite History A New York Met Dynasty Introduction: It's been a minute and when I mean a minute it's been years since I've done one of these. With that said recently I've looked back on this forum and missed doing MVP content more so reported dynasties. Therefore why not start one back up, right? I do want to make a disclaimer it won't be as consistent with updates as it once was. I could post some updates consistently during a week whereas some weeks I don't post at all. If you want to follow along, awesome can't wait for you to see what we have in store for the dynasty. One goal i
  13. this sounds great, I've been recently getting back into MVP due to I just plain missing it and want to start up another dynasty. This will be a perfect addition, thanks for the work you've already done and keep on doing. Can't wait for the finish piece!
  14. Defending The Coliseum A Oakland A's Dynasty Introduction: Hello everyone unfortunately I had some bad news as I was playing with my 06 Met dynasty, the file got corrupted and I tried everything to recover it but didn't work. I was debating to start a new one with the Mets but due to the MVP 12 being out, I had an itch to start one in it. The team I will be using will be the Oakland A's (I mean what's mvpmods without an A's dynasty after all ) I will be using the same method as I did with the Mets one by playing/simming to do more than one year for this page. If you forgot the inf
  15. yea couldn't get any really run support. Most of my games are 1 run games.
  16. Hey everyone, I'm here today to put forth an idea of creating an online league. When thinking of MVP Leagues, the first league that comes to mind from MVP is TSL (The Sandlot.) TSL was a great league when active which was a franchise style online league and worked beautifully. As it faded away I always wanted to re-up and create with a MVP baseball league however it would of been hard to get about 16-24 owners on the same mod, and all. But that all ends today if given the possibility. With the MVP12 mod out now, it would be easy to use that mod for our base of the league. How can this work
  17. Ah finally to get more time to continue this. Been working a lot lately so haven't had any spare time to get things going again but Sundays should be my day to continue this. Anyway this is end of the first month and the next two months will be simmed since those are months I planned on doing. So expect recaps of each month fairly soon.
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