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  1. this sounds great, I've been recently getting back into MVP due to I just plain missing it and want to start up another dynasty. This will be a perfect addition, thanks for the work you've already done and keep on doing. Can't wait for the finish piece!
  2. Defending The Coliseum A Oakland A's Dynasty Introduction: Hello everyone unfortunately I had some bad news as I was playing with my 06 Met dynasty, the file got corrupted and I tried everything to recover it but didn't work. I was debating to start a new one with the Mets but due to the MVP 12 being out, I had an itch to start one in it. The team I will be using will be the Oakland A's (I mean what's mvpmods without an A's dynasty after all ) I will be using the same method as I did with the Mets one by playing/simming to do more than one year for this page. If you forgot the information I copied and paste regarding what I will be doing with this dynasty. Dynasty Information: Dynasty pages usually revolve around one season. Therefore I thought of an idea of doing a dynasty page that revolved more than one year and see what would happen in multiple seasons in comparison to real life. Now to do that I will not be playing the full 162 games in every season. I will condense the games into 2 months plus 2 weeks after All star break. Meaning I will be playing the first month in April, the all star game and the remainder of July leading towards the trading deadline. And lastly the month in September. This will make the quicker process to go to season by season and so I don't get burned out. Also I will be playing the playoffs if the A's make it and also I will be playing the World Series no matter if I make it or not. Settings Current Year: 2012. Team: A's Datafile: Jims datafile Games Being Played: April, All Star Game to end of July, September (Around 60-70 Games per season) Playoffs: Playing the playoffs if A's make it. Otherwise only playing the World Series with random choice of team. Draft: Each year I will be looking at the exact draft and picking out the MLB players we see today and use MVPEdit to put them in the draft and will display the draft after each year to see who went were.
  3. yea couldn't get any really run support. Most of my games are 1 run games.
  4. Hey everyone, I'm here today to put forth an idea of creating an online league. When thinking of MVP Leagues, the first league that comes to mind from MVP is TSL (The Sandlot.) TSL was a great league when active which was a franchise style online league and worked beautifully. As it faded away I always wanted to re-up and create with a MVP baseball league however it would of been hard to get about 16-24 owners on the same mod, and all. But that all ends today if given the possibility. With the MVP12 mod out now, it would be easy to use that mod for our base of the league. How can this work? Connection: Since MVP is outdated with the online interface, how can we connect? Well thats easy we can do it 2 different ways. We can direct connect which is an IP to IP connection. (Can find out IP on whatismyipaddress.com) Or sometimes that might not work, no worries we can also use the program Hamachi which works wonders as well. Hamachi sets up an alternative IP address for you and works like AIM a little where you invite your opponent to your room than you exchange IP addresses. (http://hamachi.en.softonic.com/) Communication: AIM (http://www.aim.com/) A big part of this league would be do to activity for make it work and schedule games. So it would be required for everyone to have AIM, its a free program at the site I linked right up top. This is how you will be in contact with every owner to talk trades, schedule games, etc. Forums: Forums will be also included which would also another way to communicate and be able to see the rules and other aspects of that. Leaguedaddy: If your not familiar with leaguedaddy, it is a site where you put all the stats from the games you play and where everyone will be contained with standings, games you play, league leaders, and other stats. It will basically be our homepage of the website. If your not familiar with it, you can just go to (http://www.leaguedaddy.com/) Now it does cost money but no worries if I gain enough interest, I will buy a leaguedaddy subscription for the league. Sample League: http://www.leaguedaddy.com/leagues/?lid=2960 This is league with similar aspects. Now what would this league contain? Owners: I am looking for about 16-24 owners, preferably 24 but I know it might be hard to achieve that amount so 16 would be just fine. Schedule: About 30-35 games a season. Rules: TBD. Once I see enough interest, I will write out the rules Franchise Style: Being in many leagues before, this is the best style league where we will have a franchise style. Meaning if we continue after one season, there will be progression, a player draft etc. More information too come. Any Questions? If your still unsure with the information I provided please be free to contact me through AIM: Amellowdudde Email: Amellowdudde@yahoo.com Or you can just PM here. Interested List: Below will be the list of interested people looking to join. I am not going to give out teams just yet. I want to see how many people I can get to join than teams will be given out then. If you are interested in joining please fill out this simple form below: Name: (Could just be your MVPMod Member Name) AIM: Email: Do you have the MVP12 Mod: (Y/N) I am looking for 16-24 owners as I mentioned above. However 16 owners will do just fine. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24.
  5. Ah finally to get more time to continue this. Been working a lot lately so haven't had any spare time to get things going again but Sundays should be my day to continue this. Anyway this is end of the first month and the next two months will be simmed since those are months I planned on doing. So expect recaps of each month fairly soon.
  6. Quick Series: New York Mets @ San Diego Padres
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