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  1. luisgregg

    Joe Paterson

    @mvpmod23, i wish he coud do every face that scottybilly has done and so many more we need :)
  2. bro, you are very good at doing cyberfaces, others arent good enough but your work is exellent!!
  3. nick johnson does have his cyberface, wilson betemit, scott podsednik, cristian guzman and mike jacobs. i found them with the 2k11 roster. the ones i couldnt find were darnell mcdonald, SHELLY DUNCAN,ERICK AYBAR and jeff keppinger. you should do them :)
  4. what about scott podsednik?
  5. can you tell which one is nick johnson?
  6. hey, when are you gonna finish my list? lol
  7. you should do the ones that need their face!!!
  8. i just uploaded the roster when i finished doing all those players from every team, i didnt do the lineups!!!. you can do your lineups whatever you want! and i dont know whats wrong with putting the roster in your game cos i dont have any problem with it. well, i hope you liked it anyways ;)
  9. try to put the faces in the game folder if that doesnt work, ill try to do something
  10. Version 1


    with all teams fixed including AAA,AA,A and free agents
  11. File Name: updated roster 2012 File Submitter: luisgregg File Submitted: 05 Apr 2012 File Category: Rosters with all teams fixed including AAA,AA,A and free agents Click here to download this file
  12. hey, how can i upload my roster on here?
  13. the roster that ive been doing is almost done, probably like in 2 days
  14. hey sorry if i have talked bad about your job before! my apologies but can you redo justin turner and lucas duda maybe without their beards and can you fisnish my list?
  15. of course, im looking at every downloads that are in the section bro and i have downloaded them all, even scottys faces, i hope you arent mad or anything and you can do at least some :(
  16. im uploading the roster of every team including triple A,AA and A all fixed which is a hard work to make 25 players for each team. and who said he will do them all in a day ? that takes a certain time!! and if i would have known how to do faces, i wouldnt had been expecting anyone to do it. dont you think?
  17. (@ scottybilly) i know you have done many of the faces that i posted and i like some of them but not all of them are good enough
  18. Erick aybar anaheim j.d martinez Houston jose altuve Houston chris snyder Houston adam Rosales Oakland yoenis cespedes Oakland Darren oliver Toronto Jonathan lucroy millwaukee Cesar izturis millwaukee Norichika aoki millwaukee Daniel descalso st louis Bryan lahair Chicago cubs Paul maholm Chicago cubs Ryan Roberts Arizona Willie bloomquist Arizona Josh tomlin Cleveland Joe smith Cleveland Jason Donald Cleveland Shelley Duncan Cleveland Jack hannahan Cleveland Casper wells seattle Kyle seager seattle John jaso seattle Hector noesi seattl
  19. ill upload a roster with every player done can i give you a list of a few players that i need? i like your cyberfaces

  20. luisgregg

    Matt Joyce

    hey can i give you a list of some players that i need to complete a roster? its cos im uploading a roster with all players done but i need some faces
  21. can you make some faces that i need to complete the roster?
  22. can you make more facepacks? ill upload a roster with all players done including every player from the A,AA,AAA very soon but i need to put some faces please
  23. hey another good job but wheres the tatman?? lol ryan roberts
  24. can you try to make more facepacks requently? i love your job
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