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  1. First of all, regardless of my comments, this mod probably wasn't coming out for another month anyway. So, your stupid suggestion to play an alternative seems so much more intriguing lol However, regardless of what you say, yes, the point for these mods are to make the most realistic baseball sim possible..... kinda sounds like the motto that The Show stands by... so release it, don't release it. I don't care, you guys bitch and complain about the silliest things I've ever heard, but god forbid someone say something that's actually true. So I don't care lol
  2. I think I should chime in. I never do because I know how dangerous a keyboard can be But setting an initial date was a very not so smart move if you guys planned on doing all of this stuff. I feel like most of the decisions you made to add in were last minute and what you guys need to understand is, THIS GAME WONT EVER BE THE SHOW. It won't look like the show it won't feel like the show and it won't play like the the show. So some of these particular and trivial details no one will probably care about. I praise you guys. ALL of you. You're talented as hell. And it shows in your work. However, waiting almost a month into the actual baseball season to see anything has made me not care about this mod as much. "It'll be done X date." "We're just cleaning some stuff up we'll have it this weekend." Now it's "whenever we finish it'll be in." That's not a good look. Move in silence next time or suffer the consequences. You guys have no one to blame but yourselves
    This update it seemingly perfect. only problem for me personally is the shin guard. someone did an update for that. include that in an update and its great.
  3. Hey anyone want to tackle a new Hanley Ramirez cyberface with the dreads? Also a new Prince Fielder. I know he has a Cyberface but it has like an afro and his head is shaved now. Just wondering, get back to me with ideas
  4. Lol I see. I've sitting on my hands like "I wonder when PickleBrad is going to drop his mod lol" but take your time, man. I'm sure it'll be awesome
  5. I was wondering if any one of our brilliant modders would want to tackle the following: Longer wrist tape ( just making the one wrist tape they have on file longer so its mid forearm), Eye black (Making it a bit thicker and a bit longer) and replacing the Yellow and Gold color option for equipment with Neon Yellow and Neon green for gloves and cleats as well as adding a neon green or yellow to the grip tape to the bats? Please get back to me with responses. I think these would help the game
  6. Too excited. Well anticipated. You still doing anything with the helmet or is that WIP?
  7. Ok..... Minus the sarcasm, First things first you want an updated roster, check out the "roster" section of the downloads for MVP baseball 2005. Then you wanna make sure you have the right Cyberfaces. The "faces" section helps you there, you'll take some time getting all of those in the way you want. Then gear, "Accessories" section is where you'll find that. Stadiums will be in the stadiums section, and so on and so on. Hope I could be more of an assistance then some people.... Welcome to the Mods fam!
  8. The attempt is the only thing that matters. I'm sure at this point everyone expects that this game isn't going to be EXACTLY like what we all want, but to dash an idea because "it's too hard." was my only issue. You both (yourself and @picklebrad) give mod's hope.
  9. these are literally great!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!
  10. I didn't know that.... So what do you guys recommend i do?
  11. I refuse to let this thread just die off so just tag other modders until we find someone willing to do it!!!
  12. one more thing too.. The helmets. The air- flow helmet from 2k12 has been obsolete since after 2013. Updated helmets would be awesome too!
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