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  1. Hi. Thank you so much for always producing.

    I have a suggestion, but I don't think the stripes on the top and bottom of the striped uniform are right.

    The top has dense stripes, but the bottom one feels a little empty.  (especially the Yankees).

    If you're going to make a uniform for the year 21, please consider my suggestion and if it's possible, please make it that way.

    I sincerely apologize if my comment was uncomfortable. Always thank you and have a great 21 years!

    1. Umachines


      Hi!, thaks for your observation. I did this because pinstripes acually look very diffent in chest, legs and sleeves. I mean these parts are not the same width. You can see it in stock uniforms, where they made them the same width. I tried to make my version to look more like real pinstripes, but it may need some more work.

  2. can you add the new york yankees jersey??
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