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  1. Gordo, I appreciate your work and I download your releases very often. I like to play the all stars game, so I modified your rosters (that was a lot of work for me as I am a beginner). I ask if you will update the all stars rosters in your next releases or not. I am willing to contribute with you in that, whether I give you my files or post it.
  2. Thank you for sharing these files with us. However, I have some suggestions. Aroldis Chapman usually pitches above 100 mph, in the game he reaches 99 mph max. Some star pitchers have very low stats, for instance: Justin Verlander (2th Rk with 2.05 ERA), Scherzer (9th with 2.41 ERA), Kershaw (in his case is justified in some measure). In some players there is a great difference between power stats for LHP and RHP. Ex: A.Judge, 96 vs RHP and 65 vs LHP. If these stats are based in a low performance against LHP that is well reflected in the game by contact stats (70 vs RHP and 49 vs LHP). Another example, Benintendi (Power 80 vs RHP and 36 vs LHP). J. Baez has 40 in aggressiveness when stealing, as he is the 9th in the ranking with 18 SB, including home. However, thanks a lot and I hope that this feedback help you to improve your work.
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