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  1. I really appreciate you making these for the community, I just had an issue. I've tried to reinstall multiple times. When I start a dynasty game (or I think any game anyway), it crashes to desktop on the loading screen when the bar gets about halfway.. This roster is the only change I made to the game, and the game runs fine without crashes without the rosters. Any tips on how I can fix this, have you or anyone else encountered this? Also I was curious what mod you are using in your screenshots above, if any, to get the graphics to look that nice and I guess "modern"? I got the game off ebay a couple weeks ago and it just came in today and I was trying to get a nice setup going to play with modern rosters and when I was just messing around with 05 rosters the graphics didn't look very good at all. Anyway, thanks, if you can help me I appreciate it very much!
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