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2018 MLB BaseUp! Rosters (End of Season) 3.0.0

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About This File



This is an end of the season roster.  Like past versions, it will typically incorporate players who have given the most service to their respective organization with a few exceptions (e.g., overall playing time during the year such as innings pitched and plate appearances, a more notable name will bump out a lesser name, a pitcher who seemed to be a pure #6 starter will be kept off, etc.).   Typically if you think a player should be on the MLB squad, he will most likely be in the organization at some level.  Simply substitute him for someone you think should not be there.  Several players not previously created, especially pitchers, were included in this version.


Some teams were difficult to keep certain players off the MLB level.  A few teams will have 13 players on the pitching staff, but most will have 12.


** A new chin strap/Abe Lincoln type beard was made by BallFour (much appreciation to him!).  If you do not install it, you may notice various players with a mustache instead.  I would strongly recommend you back up your models.big file and install this beard type found here (4th post down):



**I will not be doing All-Star teams.  The game has too many limitations and it's simply not worth the time.  Sorry.


Please PM me for any changes needed or place in the comments, not review.  I will be doing a version 2, which will address major player attribute tweaks such as pitch control and batting contact/power.  I may look at speed again as well.


Since "Placeholder" players (last name) were put in to fill the empty slots, these rosters can be used with injuries and suspensions set to "ON" without crashing.  Most every team has 23-25 players. 


If you want to use these rosters to create another version or a roster incorporating MiLB, just ask (as someone already has in reference to a standard only roster).  If you are thinking of making a MiLB roster set, you can alter the existing "Placeholder" players.


INSTALLATION:  Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\EA SPORTS\MVP 2005 (or whatever you named it)\data\database subfolder.  DELETE the existing 19 .dat files.  Unzip this roster file to that location.  DO NOT SIMPLY OVERWRITE!


**If you're going to give feedback, please make it intelligent.  If the rosters are not working for you, then don't leave feedback and rate the rosters down simply because you don't know what you're doing.  Ask for help!


**Also, don't just be a leech around here! .... give feedback to ALL modders from whom you download files.  Make comments.  Give suggestions.

What's New in Version 3.0.0   See changelog




Over 100 pitchers pitching styles corrected for more accuracy. Mainly pitchers who were using overhead type wind-ups were corrected.  Glove colors were corrected when found.  A small handful of small tweaks to pitch types/velocities made.  No other personnel changes made.






*Starting pitchers having significantly low stamina adjusted accordingly


*Tampa Bay's starting rotation tweaked


*Luke Voit batting attributes updated and called up to NYY; Bird sent down


* Nick Martini batting attributes updated; remains in minors






*Pitch control adjustments for all pitchers on MLB teams


*Batting contact/power for top 20/bottom 20 from each of the AL and NL and all rookies


*Speed adjusted for many players


*Jersey number corrections where I found them (minimally, no team has any duplicate jersey numbers)


*Should be stable to run with injuries and suspensions on for MLB only.  I am not sure about trades, however, as I do not use them.



Will probably be doing more tweaks for all fielders' batting attributes and will attempt better pitch delivery match-ups where needed over the winter.


2018 MLB BaseUp! Rosters (End of Season - Ver 2).zip

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Awesome work as always, Gordo. If I can help you out with any more facial hair options, please let me know!

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Van varios roster q salen con error o cosas asi dime si este esta bn para sustituirlo!

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Just wanted to know what happened to Andujar and Torres on the Yankees Other then that I think you do a great job!

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Por que no me cae en MVP 2018 1.0 :: Con esa lista y ni con otro mas?

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Great job as always.  Having worked on rosters for the Classics mods, I know how time consuming this work is.  Thanks for continually updating the rosters!

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