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  1. 17 hours ago, andygev35 said:

    I’m currently going through every game file for any logos I may have missed,  as well as updating the new Phillies and Marlins logos throughout the game and stadiums. I’ll see if I can find the one you’re referring to.

    The Orioles just flip flopped primary and secondary logos. Just FYI

  2. 1 hour ago, andygev35 said:

    I added the new Marlins and Phillies logos on the loading splash screen but I forgot all about the large, medium, and small logos throughout the game.  I’ll sort that out early next week.  Thank you for the heads up.


    I’ll have a look at the overlay as well at that time.

    The Phillies changed their primary logo for 2019 as well. Just an FYI. Good work!

  3. 5 hours ago, Bostonnico said:

    Someone has had the same error as me, there is a solution for this problem, the tool does not open the files, mainly the roster, nor the franchise file




    RED MC.png

    That's RedMC, not reditor

    16 hours ago, sangmy said:

    Is it possible to change the name of the stadium? I want to know what to do....

    exe) Safeco Field ---> T-Mobile Park

    Yes there is. The text is in English.iff.  you need to use a hex editor to change the text in the file if that makes sense. When altering text the amount of characters needs to be the same or less or the game will crash.

  4. Here are the steps.


    1.) I first create my portrait using Photoshop. 256x256. For Joe Nathan I name the file nathan.ddsfor example.

    2.) Now for size of the file. This step is crucial or the portrait will look terrible in the game. For this step I take a folder with nbamodtool and a COPY of the portrait IFF. For this example I will use Joe Nathan. Use Ty's editor to look up his ID number for the roster you are using. His number is 1729 for me.

    3.) Open up the copy of your portrait iff. You need to import nathan.dds into any slot (doesn't matter which one) and export it back out as 1729.dds

    4.) nathan.dds was 87,536 bytes in size and the resulting 1729.dds is 87,520 bytes. As I said this step is absolutely necessary.

    5.) Now for installation. Create a folder called portraitand a folder within the portrait folder called 1x. All numbered dds files go in the 1x folder. For example portrait-->1x-->1729.dds. This allows for one or hundreds of portraits to be installed. After placing all completed files in the 1x folder take 7zip and createportrait.7z

    6. Install Total Installer Thingy for 2K10. On first setup it asks where your MLB install directory is and so forth. Just follow the directions. Click the ... button and load portrait.7z. Then click the start button. All portraits should now be installed in the game.

  5. 1 hour ago, headtrip47 said:

    Im on the process of making a Roster that includes every 25 man player for each division.. MLB, AAA, AA and A....

    Rookies and prospects are included... 17 teams finished and 13 more... soon i will release...


    Excellent news. Just be careful. I believe too many caps can cause crashes in franchise.

  6. 8 hours ago, tomk30816 said:

    Is there a program that can open up the .cdf file, so that those photos can be extracted? 

    What file are u trying to extract?

  7. 9 hours ago, Kccitystar said:

    This *may* be possible to do, but I'm not confident enough to give it a shot.

    Oh I have confidence in you although the obvious limitation is the inability to adequately import field data with RedMC

  8. @blindguySo basically with Rogers Centre its kind of a mess.  I can import Tampa's field into it for the dirt infield but then you end up with black areas since the stadium structures are different sizes.  You also need to start with a vanilla file so I'm thinking the ads need to be completely re-done if that's even possible.

    mlb2k12 2018-04-25 23-29-21-74.jpg

  9. 5 hours ago, blindguy said:

    it gets to be really hairy when you edit an old play and bring in a rookie to the game because everyone will not edit the same player .It would be great if  you had  a common number for ID , GLOBAL ID, APP ID or with the roster editor Player loaded #, portrait #, Cyberface number

    I agree. Probably the biggest challenge of modding this game and since the roster cycles around other mods it can be a mess.

  10. 2 hours ago, Timokiwi1976 said:

    @headtrip47   can you make a 2018  update from the 2k15 total mod only with 2018 roster, 2018 faces and 2018 jerseys ?

    It's not that simple. And until a opening day roster is done by someone with a schedule it's usually not worth the time to work on unis and faces simply because when we have different rosters floating around the ID numbers and uni color slots can get changed making things complicated.

  11. 1 hour ago, Yankee4Life said:

    What is this Michael Morse bug you guys are talking about? I got this game too but I am not good at it and rosters to me are a little iffy right now. What is the issue with this guy/

    If he's not on a MLB roster at the start of a season, the game crashes in franchise after the world series. So just add him as the 26th man on a MLB roster before starting a season. Start, then drop his butt. Hope that makes sense.

  12. On 3/24/2018 at 5:13 PM, blindguy said:

    Ahhh Michael Morse, try using the roster editor and find this clown and put him on any mlb  team save delete back up and go back into the game and it should continue through to the off season i have done this


    Yup. Basically just have a 26 man roster, start the season and then drop him immediately.

  13. 2 hours ago, headtrip47 said:

    This roster is good but cannot pass to next season.. it crashed...

    Most likely the Michael Morse bug. If he's not on a MLB roster at the start of a season in franchise the game crashes after the world series. Even the default 2K roster.

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