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  1. X360 wired controller here
  2. Excellent! Thank you so much for your help, i'll have to try those teams later when the baby naps. Look forward to the temp
  3. I'm working on a custom number set which has been difficult to place correctly. I've tried the Cards, Mets, and most bold fonts and can't get it not be cut off due to the angle ingame. I may have to alter the font so it is less angled but, I'd like to avoid that as I put in some solid work on the font. I've posted a picture of the font below, any suggestions?
  4. V1 is up and in the download section. v1 includes: home uniform, away uniform, crowd, manger file/scoreboard logos.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Included are the home and away "Rumble" uniforms, as well as scoreboard logos for the Binghamton Rumble Ponies. Also, a crowd file and a colorlist that corresponds to team color changes for these uniforms. It is recommended that you back up all your changes as well as exporting your original colors for all of the Rumble Ponies uniform slots using Ty's Roster Editor for MLB 2K12. THIS MOD DOES NOT INCLUDE FONT FOR PLAYER’S NAME. INSTRUCTIONS: 1) There are 4 files that can be MANUALLY EXTRACTED to the default MLB 2K12 FOLDER. They will overwrite the following: Your MLB 2K12 directory can be (if you have an x64 version of Windows) either in: ***IMPORTANT INFORMATION BELOW*** 2) There is also a BRP_colorlist.txt file that you should IMPORT TO YOUR ROSTER using the MLB 2K12 Roster Editor (Roster Editor is included with this mod) HOW TO IMPORT THE COLORLIST.TXT FILE: 1) Load up your roster/franchise/career mode using Ty's Roster Editor for MLB 2K12 2) Go to Uniforms, click Import and select the text file. 3) It will notify you when the changes have imported successfully. Load up MLB2k and enjoy this mod! Thank you to Kcc for his help and Umachines for his templates.
  6. Thank you for all of your hard work. I'm incredibly excited for when the 2020 is ready. I'll be curious to see if this makes its way to be converted to 2k13 for xbox!
  7. Thank you very much. Will hopefully get it packaged up and V1 out around the weekend. Thank you again!
  8. Yes, NBA2kMod Tool. The MLB2k Mod Tool will not run on my XP.
  9. Thank you. Can you make it a bmp? I can only use NBAMod and it only lets you import a BMP.
  10. Okay, I was able to fix the logo orientation issue. So I am one step closer to getting this out. However, I'm still having an issue with the logos on the scoreclock and at the lineup pause screen. I've replaced all logos in the large, medium, & small logo iff's (#186 and #244 if I recall correctly) and with the manager. Even with that, this is what I'm . I've downloaded a few other overlays and no issues. I've included what I'm seeing below.
  11. I felt like I didn't accurately explain my issue. Made this chart below to hopefully explain whats happening and show what I'm seeing in-game. Want to get this logo issue wrapped up and finish up the manager so I can try and get V1 out this week.
  12. @Kccitystar and @guaro1379 Thank you both. Right now, the manager file #3 is giving me some trouble, it keeps inverting horizontally when imported in NBAmod. Even when saved inverted in an effort to correct it, it still remains inverted-trying to figure that out. However, I do have the team selection/menu logos in (see photos below). After I finish the manager stuff, I have to figure out: 1. How to edit scoreclock/overlay logos
  13. Still working on this. V1 will include: Home & Away Uniforms, and working on manager file for v1 as well. Just an additional question, I'm sure there is but I haven't checked the forums yet: Can you add uniform slots to MiLB teams? If so, I might include the new 2020 alternate once pictures are available.
  14. Thank you @Kccitystar for the feedback. I'll have to look into that for later versions more than likely. Having a newborn doesn't allow much time for modding and exploration of files haha. Yes, the number font is custom- vectored from pictures of their clubhouse nameplates. That is what took the most time! I do plan on doing custom letters but, just not in the cards and as names are not on the uniforms in real life, I'll do my best to live with it (I'm kind of a "it matters to me person" like you and your amazing schedule work) @Yankee4Life Could have been more interesting as far as names for the team...
  15. Hi everyone, New to the MLB mod community but, used to be a modder for EA's NHL series for over a decade. I decided to try my hand with the Binghamton Rumble Ponies with temps by umachine. Not 100% perfect but better than nothing. Stitching not needed on logos as they are screen-printed on in real life. Please excuse the quality of the attached previews as i have to use Parallels desktop on a much older macbook. In-game with full quality, textures look great but still a WIP at this time. Items completed: 1. Home Jersey with new text for numbers only (letters not included) 2. Away "Rumble" jersey with new text for numbers only (letters not included) 3. Crowd 4. Colorlist Items to attend to: 1. Overlay/Team selection menu logo overlay (wip) 2. Manager textures
  16. Yes, we are. I load the portrait zip file into TiT and press start. No command prompt showing how many portraits left like in the video and OP's screenshot.
  17. I actually have the same issue with the screen not appearing for me. I've downloaded the AL East pack here made for the headtrip roster and I too, have no luck. I decompressed portraits in NBAmodtool and then used TiT.
  18. Got it all working...just trying to figure out how to edit the letters and numbers and I'll be all set. Thank you to you both.
  19. unfortunately, I use XP and texture editor cannot be used with it. Any suggestions?
  20. Hi everyone, New here and actually just got MLB 2k12 for the PC. I have been running MLB with the 2019 frontend and headtrip's TD roster with no issues. I am from the NHL community and did modding there for a number of years so this is unknown waters for me. Anyway, my problem is that I made the home uniform for the Binghamton (Mets) Rumble Ponies. 1. I used Red MC to import my pngs and alpha channels to the correct IFF 2. copied IFF to game directory 3. Edited colorlist with ty's editor and saved. 4. loaded up game, saw screenshot below in CAP and it is the same for all game modes. 5. I am on a mac and use parallels desktop for Windows. 6. Have installed jerseys from the files here and had no problems. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
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