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  1. Got it all working...just trying to figure out how to edit the letters and numbers and I'll be all set. Thank you to you both.
  2. unfortunately, I use XP and texture editor cannot be used with it. Any suggestions?
  3. Hi everyone, New here and actually just got MLB 2k12 for the PC. I have been running MLB with the 2019 frontend and headtrip's TD roster with no issues. I am from the NHL community and did modding there for a number of years so this is unknown waters for me. Anyway, my problem is that I made the home uniform for the Binghamton (Mets) Rumble Ponies. 1. I used Red MC to import my pngs and alpha channels to the correct IFF 2. copied IFF to game directory 3. Edited colorlist with ty's editor and saved. 4. loaded up game, saw screenshot below in CAP and it is the same for all game modes. 5. I am on a mac and use parallels desktop for Windows. 6. Have installed jerseys from the files here and had no problems. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
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