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  1. If I wanted to edit this stadium, we'll see if I do it at the end.
  2. the mods that will be used as a base would be the WBC 2021 Fantasy
  3. ID Cyberface and Portrait Masataka Yoshida BOS Kodai Senga NYM
  4. This would be the structure of the WBCThis would be the structure of the WBC Equipos AL División Este -B- Japon, Tokyo ATL - Czech Republic (Cesko) PHI - Australia MIA - Korea NYN - Japan WAS - China División Central -A- Taiwan, Taichung CHC - Chinese Taipei STL - Netherlans MIL - Cuba PIT - Italy CIN - Panama División O
  5. You can use the same official IDs of current MVP Baseball and the others are assigned an ID the audio thing if it would be up to you.
  6. looks great and that works for MVP Baseball 22
  7. There are some players confirmed for the WBC 2023 but the complete rosters are not. Ronald Bolaños does not have a face created and if he will be in the Cuban Independent team (MLB).
  8. 1b munetaka murakami 3b kazuma okamoto sp shosei togo sp koudai senga i will working in these faces until q is confirm the roster complete of japan
  9. México Manny Bañuelos PIT Andrés Muñoz SEA Japón Kodai Senga Combina Reiver Sanmartín CIN Jeter Downs BOS
  10. Hello, I want to start working on the WBC 2023, and well, a little help would not hurt. Some editor of stadiums, faces, Portrait, ect. , who is seriously committed to this project.
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