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  1. Hi, I am young so don't take what i am about to say wrong. Yes other communities have these kind of security features, you are right about that. Most of those communities cater to the younger crowds playing newer or online games. But in my opinion, this is only my opinion. This is going to kill the traffic to this site, because this site is already lucky if 30-40 different people even visit on a daily basis, not the ones who do multiple times per day.; but different accounts. Now factor in how old this MVP Baseball game is, means the average
  2. Or the Yankees could just come out the dark ages and just allow facial hair. Its almost 2023 for crying out loud, In my opinion one of the dumbest team rules in all of sports. Even UPS, FedX and law enforcement agencies both federal and state came off the no facial hair stance and all allow beards and facial hair now.
  3. Bro, love the Miami and Tampa guys. Keep them coming. Great work
    Pablo Lopez, Miami Nice face
  4. Do a google search. You will find a quarantine folder somewhere on your computer? It may be hidden, but its somewhere,
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