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  1. Have you tried filing a complaint on BBB? They answer your complaints when you do with a real solution.
  2. I'm trying to install downloaded cyberfaces. I must be doing something wrong. I downloaded the cyberface. Then I opened Roster Editor and got the players id. Then I changed the number of the downloaded cyberface to match the players id. I then moved the file into MLB 2k12. Load the game and no change to player. What did I do wrong? Thanks.
  3. How did you do it? I download cyberfaces and used MLB Roster Editor to get player id number. I changed the number of the file I downloaded and moved it into the folder. I guess that's not how you do it
  4. Wait for BSU. I've spent a week trying to fix issues.
  5. NeosPC


    It did it twice but finally at the third time everything was normal. Thanks for all the hard work you put in.
  6. NeosPC


    I started a franchise and when I played the Braves vs Marlins the game was held at Wriggly Field with the Braves in Cards uniforms and the Marlins in Cubs uniforms.
  7. Is there anyway to turn off budgets? The caps are almost maxed out on all teams.
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