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    Widescreen Dilemma

    if you have an Nvidia graphics card, there is scaling options that do the same thing in the setup too.. but i think you have to be using a DVI cable for that to be in the options..
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    This mod changes " Home Run Showdown " mode into a single player home run derby. - broadcast style hit tracking camera ( version 2.1 addition ) - slowed the pace so you can watch your home runs land - modified Tropicana stadium's collision detection so balls bounce in the seats ( stadium included in archive ) - removed all text except for distance counter Notes - you want to control the player on the right at the player selection screen - you don't have to play at the Trop, but it demonstrates my collision detection mod
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    This is a demonstration of what I can do with the collision data in a stadium. If you have a stadium that you want me to add collision data into, let me know. Fenway is the demonstration stadium. - home run balls bounce in the seats ( added over 1500 lines into the coll.dat file ) - single screen home run showdown ( feels like batting practice ) - removed the money ball, home run, etc. text ( kept the distance meter ) Ver 1.2 - increased the collision detection accuracy in home run territory ( optimized the info imported into the coll.dat file )
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