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  1. I heard from a friend that Win 8 is a good OS performance wise but our mvp2005 have a difficulty with it.:<
  2. I have a feeling that rosters play a big role in final outcome ot a ball bage in MLB2K12 fpr pc. After taht you can use slider to fine tune gameplay.
  3. Ratings are very important, you said everything wright. I think statistics per team per game are very similar to what you would expect from a real ball game. Take our time with roster. We will post our opinions and comments not to criticize you, but to make game even better!
  4. We should concentrate on most realistic game sliders, because without realistic gameplay mechanics and stats everything else is of lesser importance! greetings from baseball fan from Serbia and Montenegro!
  5. rade

    Widescreen Dilemma

    JoeRudi26, I am very glad that I can help you. My LCD monitor is ACER V193HQ, it is 18.5 inch lcd that is very good in terms of price here in Serbia. It is analogus lcd monitor , it has only vga connection cable. Some people say that if your monitor is not a digital lcd with DVI, then you cannot use this 1:1 mapping. That is not true because I found a option on lcd that says like this: wide aspect: FULL or ASPECT. I set it on aspect and get 1:1 screen mapping without streching the picture.
  6. rade

    Widescreen Dilemma

    Thank you very much to all of you guys. I found solution to my widescreen dilemma :-). my LCD has an option to make 1:1 mapping in games that are not intended for widescreen aspect ratio. I AM VERY SORRY, I DID NOT LOOK CAREFULLY IN FORUM TOPICS TO FIND A SOLUTION TO MY PROBLEM, I ADDMIT THAT. Thanks again, it wont happen again. respectfully, Vladimir!!!
  7. Hi guys! I have widescreen monitor which has native (max) resolution that is 1366 x 768. When I play MVP 05, picture of my screen is streeched, because game is programed to work with 4:3 display ratio. Have you any workaround to solve this problem. Some people talk about small program which is called res. changer, in their explanations they gave instructions about how to change to ONLY ONE OR TWO MOST COMMON WIDESCREEN RESOLUTIONS. The basic idea is to use a hex editor and manually type in your resolution in hex number format. (mine is 1366x768) thank you in advance!!!
  8. thank you guys, I realize what you are saying about MLB 2K9.

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