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File Reviews posted by Behindshadows

  1. Jordan Montgomery

       124    1

    Yanks fan! Thank You! Hope version 2 you fix the nose, other than that....Keep up the great work and faces.

  2. FACES MLB 2K19

       455    0

    I love your efforts brother keep it up! But you're also doing faces for models that already have HD photo-realistic upgrades faces already by other modders!


    Try to search in face search and so you don't waste time on faces that are already made!


    Again appreciate your efforts keep it up!



  3. Rougned Odor cyberface

       758    2

    Great job on the details, just shrink the head some, looks like bobble head cheat code inserted. lol


    Either way spot on details and great job, make head proportioned to the body and you have a winner.

  4. Great roster I had to manually changed about 50 players faces because you still had them at 0

    The Cyberfaces are available in forum, but you're not changing the numbers.

    Hopefully on final roster you'll have them added properly.

  5. Bryce Harper

       390    2

    You know this face gets a perfect score!!!! Your textures and facial details are incredible, thanks for all the sacrifices you made at home to complete this...amazing work as always!!!

  6. (New 2K17 Face Pack)

       1,570    4

    The faces in these packs have made me smile tremendously the details are just remarkable. And love the way you illustrate them in your thumbnails / screenshots. Remarkable 5 of 5 and 10 of 10 Excellent!

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