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  1. Can anyone with the full version help me out, a players skin color is off and I would appreciate if someone could help me change it. I really don't want to spend 20 to literally change one thing. No disrespect to Vlad or anything(I've purchased the full version for every NBA 2k)
  2. Are you going to do the ones they wore today?
  3. Yeah releasing the portrait.iff and portrait.cdf would be much simpler
  4. That is great to here, love the TNT scoreboard in NBA 2k12.
  5. Just saw it and downloaded it, makes the game look much better. Uniform modding should be simple because for most the uniforms we can just copy the .dds files from last years uniforms. If I have the time I'll try and do that this weekend.
  6. Darkened the blue but as you can see the team colored gear doesn't match.
  7. 156 downloads

    Credit goes to BSU-FAN for the roster, all I did was change the color of the gear, batting helmet, numbers and names on jerseys to go with my uniforms.
  8. 222 downloads

    Change in colors.
  9. 207 downloads

    Change in colors to the Indians uniform.
  10. 280 downloads

    Update in Colors with the Tigers uniform. Credit to udwph for the Sparky patch.
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