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  1. Some faces have a different number than what is on the official ID list (found here) so you have to un-zip, rename, re-zip then install with TiT. Here's a list of faces I've found so far that needed to be renamed. Name - Orig. Face # (Creator) [Official ID] R Belisario - 56 (jeferomer) [292] Jason Castro - 737 (jeferomer) [414] Steve Cishek - 525 (jogar84) [452] Scott Feldman - 657 (junior1617) [667] Adeiny Hechavarria - 160 (jogar84) [439] Loeyns Martin - 70 [255] Glen Perkins - 261 (jeferomer) [272] Esmil Rogers - 166 (wilmer101) [356] Josh Roenicke - 670 (jupagolab) [20] Justin Ruggian
  2. Sorry about the delay, here's all the changes I noticed. Went through every Major League roster and all the notable players on the minor league rosters, I'm sure there's alot of things I missed but I atleast got almost every single players pant length correct.. Also have a few players I made that weren't on the roster if you're interested (Joe Ortiz, Henry Urrutia, etc.) MVP13 Player Edits.txt
  3. I noticed a lot of players have incorrect numbers and pants length (Normal, Low, High), I've been going through and manually changing myself. Obviously it's not a big deal, just something that I like to be correct, if you'd like I could provide a list of players I've found. I could also help with incorrect player numbers aswell. As I said both of these are just minor preferences for me. Your rosters are top notch!
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