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  1. I'm not sure then.  Everyone who has been having problems was related to not using 7zip, but once they changed over no problems.

    everyone can use cmd.exe and this code to make all 7z parts into one file and open it with winrar

    copy  /B filename.7z.*  filename.7z


    by the way,there is a mistake on Houston Astros logo in the roster management menu

    maybe you should have pack this one into your files http://www.mvpmods.com/files/file/8473-mlb-2k15-logo-updates/

    Duane Below Cyberface

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    so great!Some advice:the most important thing is make faces "clean".For Rajai,Reyes,Matt and Colby,I'll still use 2K's faces.Alex gordon is great,I like it though it doesn't like himself very much.And Below,this one is just A perfect.Just go on!

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