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  1. Found it!!! I put the file in there. Is there anything else I have to do to activate it? And thanks a ton for the help. :good:
  2. Hmmmm...I am using Windows Vista Ultimate. I found 2K12 Folder in Program Files but there is NO "Saved Games" folder there. Would that folder be loacted somewhere else?
  3. So if I start a new franchise now, will it be populated with players traded to teams during 2012. For example...will Kevin Youkilis be on the White Sox roster at the beginning of the Franchise season?
  4. Mine still works without any mods, but it takes about 45 seconds before the game starts.
  5. Thanks Hollywood. That did it. Even though I had played every game, I still had to hit the sim button to get in the playoffs.
  6. I finished my regular franchise schedule. Had a winning record. I'm ready for playoffs and world series. But nothing seems to be happening. Is there no playoffs or world series in the Franchise Mode??? :search:
  7. Mine is working fine with no fix. Just takes a little longer to check online content.
  8. Mine is working okay with no fix. It does take a little longer to leave the "online content check" screen compared to when the season was still going. Maybe about 45-60 seconds before leaving the screen and the game starting. I just go to the fridge adn grab a can of pop. :rofl:
  9. It looks like 2K12 has fixed the problem. Shouldn't be necessary to change dates any more. Mine works perfect using today's date.
  10. Mercylord is correct. I tried it today and it works without having to mess with the date. Cool!!! I didn't make any changes and it's working fine.
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