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  1. oye thats response typical of the Internet "topic already made/do it yourself' The main problem with rosters for mlb 2k12 is this. Everyone makes a "file" based off what they personally have. How can you NOT see the problem in that if in fact they're doing it "for" the community? debate and rant over. Should have figured
  2. What i mean is downloading all the portraits and faces individually is a chore. Anyone have them all so we can just use any new roster instead of having a roster crash because some faces or portraits are missing? there has to be an easier way. One of the most daunting things when you dont play the game for awhile only to have your game crash and not knowing what faces to grab
  3. tomba


    so where is this creation of yours?
  4. This could easily be the best game ever but that goes to breath of the wild that said missing the mlb license hurts this game
  5. they have a google doc that has all the formulas but they are hit and miss and very time consuming took me an hr to make the yankees logo
  6. but its been over a year and he had clear samples of what he had done and it looked great as is. just saying he had a great method to rework stadiums
  7. In early preview for mlb 2k17 mod and then in dasteelers own thread he showcases stadiums that he worked on but never released. only fenway and sun trust were released the others i count a random 5 or more were not released by him since the mlb 2k17 mod crapped the blanket it seems his work was either lost in that whole cleanup process as well?
  8. what in the world happened to all this great work?
  9. No different camera angles and only 8 stadiums is a bummer After playing it As good as it is for what it is it makes me wish that rbi baseball 18 had a pitching cam. if rbi baseball had a pitching cam we'd be happier i think
  10. nah i want an official mlb 2k18 patch with new stadiums etc
  11. I noticed in screen shots that they translated to being more blue this time. Since im having issues with saving the .ini preset file im going to revist next week before release
  12. tomba

    Dirt Infield

    you made so many great stadiums Not sure if this is a sore topic but you had more previews of stadiums in the now locked mlb 2k17 thread that i would have loved to have seen the light of day redmc is now defunct cant get it licensed anymore to work on existing stadiums
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