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  1. tomba


    so where is this creation of yours?
  2. tomba

    Super Mega Baseball 2 Gameplay Reveal

    This could easily be the best game ever but that goes to breath of the wild that said missing the mlb license hurts this game
  3. tomba

    Super Mega Baseball 2 Gameplay Reveal

    they have a google doc that has all the formulas but they are hit and miss and very time consuming took me an hr to make the yankees logo
  4. tomba

    Dasteelerz Stadium Previews

    true i wish he would though
  5. tomba

    Dasteelerz Stadium Previews

    but its been over a year and he had clear samples of what he had done and it looked great as is. just saying he had a great method to rework stadiums
  6. tomba

    Super Mega Baseball 2 Gameplay Reveal

    very good news until then i wait
  7. tomba

    Dasteelerz Stadium Previews

    In early preview for mlb 2k17 mod and then in dasteelers own thread he showcases stadiums that he worked on but never released. only fenway and sun trust were released the others i count a random 5 or more were not released by him since the mlb 2k17 mod crapped the blanket it seems his work was either lost in that whole cleanup process as well?
  8. tomba

    Dasteelerz Stadium Previews

    what in the world happened to all this great work?
  9. tomba

    Super Mega Baseball 2 Gameplay Reveal

    No different camera angles and only 8 stadiums is a bummer After playing it As good as it is for what it is it makes me wish that rbi baseball 18 had a pitching cam. if rbi baseball had a pitching cam we'd be happier i think
  10. tomba

    A glimpse at Stratomatic

    nah i want an official mlb 2k18 patch with new stadiums etc
  11. I noticed in screen shots that they translated to being more blue this time. Since im having issues with saving the .ini preset file im going to revist next week before release
  12. tomba

    Dirt Infield

    you made so many great stadiums Not sure if this is a sore topic but you had more previews of stadiums in the now locked mlb 2k17 thread that i would have loved to have seen the light of day redmc is now defunct cant get it licensed anymore to work on existing stadiums
  13. I dont believe so I tried many different settings and they darken the screen 1600X900p works the best Im sorry if this doesnt work for most but i tried to figure out the best setting that makes a 2012 game look more like a 2018 game and unfortunately in the weirdest way is that lower resolution WITH newest reshade effects makes that [possible. its almost as if downgrading the image makes the game more neutral for reshades effects
  14. Great news! (for me anyway since it makes it more enjoyable for me anyways) I've been able to color correct the white balance and nuetralize the green and red color that makes the game have a olive hue. I've also finally been able to(along with the 1600X900p setting which i prefer) remove the bad cyberface/player face skin tones which always look blotchy by applying a huge mix of blur and sharpening effects. I've sent the file to a few for testing BUT the newest version I have fixes the face issue ive mentioned countless times as bothering me to no end.