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  1. Thanks. I'll check them out. Wish i saved some of mine. Didn't know you could do it. Is it me, but does anybody think the save folder is in a daft place. I mean why put it in a system directory that is normally hidden. On my XP i have added a hidden files toggle so i switch back and for. I didn't it would be a pain in the ****.
  2. Thanks. I thought they had ironing boards in the dugout. Look better this way.
  3. Does this overwrite this one please. http://www.mvpmods.com/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=6850 Thanks.
  4. From what i've read in a lot of forums, 2K don't seem to be given any kind of support for this title unless i've missed something. Yet i noticed how quick a patch came out for NBA 2K12. I'm not too bothered by this bug or program limit, if i was playing the game on the harder difficulty settings i wouldn't get these kind of scores. But the fielding bugs where they just stand there or the best one i saw was a player was going to throw then kept changing his mind about 3 times. Need to be fixed. Plus i don't if i've got camera settings wrong but on replays if a player slides into a bas
  5. As i play against my self the runs and rbi's can mount up if i have a good hitting game. At least 2 of the players yesterday had 9 runs which was displayed fine during the game. But as i said it's get wiped out when it goes back to the schedule. It's not a problem, but i can't see how some of the team records can be broken if there is a limit. Highscores in baseball, i'm sure i'm breaking some baseball law somewhere. I'm English so I'm not sure what the highest recorded score is in a game. I know game 6 of the world series last year seemed high to other games i've seen.
  6. Update: Don't have a mammoth game, box scores can't handle anything past 7 runs or 15 RBI's. I think there limits on the rest aswell. Box score during the game will keeps count fine but as soon as it goes to the schedule page any extra gets wiped out. Also just now it would not let me look at any box scores for my the previous games on the schedule.
  7. You're right, I kept looking at the gametrack option troughout my last game and noticed the fielding errors. I'm not sure but i think the commentary gets it wrong plus they get included in the HR pop up in the top corner. I think that's why i was getting confused. Was always interested to know more about the history of baseball and was glad when i heared about the Ken Burn documentaries, he does tend to wax lyrical but i'm enjoying them. I've seen 6 so far. I'm suprised they havn't done something like the NFL Americas Game for the Baseball World Series Games. Thanks for the info. I ho
  8. Is there a bug in the box scorce info. As i swear the RBI's and Home runs were wrong in my last game. Do inside the park Home Runs count as a proper Home Run. I think Rayburn had 4 hr but box score only had 3 hr for him. From the UK so don't know much about the game rules. I am getting educated though as i've been watching Ken Burn's Baseball Series. So forgive my ingorance.
  9. deafvader

    Need "iff" File

    you can open the cab files with winrar. Uniforms start on cab 14 onwards. Don't have to unpack them all just drag and drop the one you want.
  10. Thank you. Newbie question: Could somebody explain the hitting tendency values. I know what the Bunt and stealing ones mean. But not sure if the others should high or low. I'm asuming if Out by Strikeout is high that player gets striked out alot or is it the other way round. T.I.A for any info.
  11. I installed the MLB Experience after yours does it need to be done the other way round or do they not work together. Thanks. D. Ingore stupid me, i just noticed what is written for version 1.1 . Should have done yours afterwards.
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