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  1. Thanks, you're doing great stuff. Since you've done all the generic ones, do you know if there are faces which I can use for Allan Craig and Jordan Walden? Or is there a way I can preview them easily to choose by myself? I don't wanna use scottybillys faces because they look awfull. Not just the textures, also the shadows. I tried them out and got very weird shadows in the faces of the players. ~.~
  2. Thx alot, keep em coming :)
  3. I experienced the same bug with the pitches with Chicagoes Chris Sales slurve. Thrown twice it's red and stays red for the remainder of the game. Even though it's his best and only good pitch it is hit perfectly then. I tested it against a player who had very bad averages against sliders and curveballs and even he hit the perfectly thrown slurve at the first try. I think this might be a general bug in the game that, besides the bad fielding AI, hopefully gets fixed with the patch. For now I changed Sales pitch to a curve and will try out if the problem stays.
  4. Thanks for the history lesson. Unis look great. :)
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