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  • 28 Jan 2011 Download Total Classics 1927 Integrated

Download Total Classics 1927 Integrated

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TC27 Negro League Integration Phase 1 by Redeck and DennisJames71

Thanks for checking out our work.

The aim of this Phase 1 mod is simply to integrate the 50 or so best Negro League players of the 1927 period (1923-1932ish) into the Major Leagues. The players selected all PROBABLY would have been in the Majors had all things been equal.

Installation: Installation can be done using the supplied installer or by manually copying the files to your game folder. Complete instructions, with screenshots, are included with the mod.

Special Features:
1)50+ Negro League Stars integrated across MLB. Players include portraits (most of them) and Audio by ernie harwell.

2)this download includes many of DennisJames new 1927 era uniforms and Stadiums, Including some as yet unreleased. It also includes Edtench's Reds 1927 Reds Unis as well. Very Nice

3)the player names for all of MLB in this mod are done by Ernie harwell, and Vin Scully through OTB Joels fabulous Legends of the Booth Mod.

4)also included here are more updated Stadiums from DennisJames some of these are yet unreleased as well.

Thanks to everyone who helped me learn some of these modding tricks, including but not limited to Jim825, OTBJoel, Homer, AlexTony, Emath, just to name a few. Anyone left out, it wasnt intentional, thank you too.

The ratings: Many of the players I am using are drawn from Homers Legends mod. The ratings he provides for those players a worthy, but i tried to make these players fit into 1927, so many many of them i changed a bit. If you dont agree with these ratings, feel free to change them for yourself.

There are also some other nice little surprises meant to make the mod more immersive to 1927....

This simple mod took a few months to pull together, and being my first, I made many mistakes along the way. I can't thank the aforementioned guys enough for there patience. And I cant thank EVERYONE enough for keeping MVP05 and MVPmods alive long enough for me to make a contribution.

It is named Phase 1 as the original Idea has spawned other ideas to stretch out from this. Phase 2 will include Negro teams en mass added to MLB of the TC27 era, and is not long from being finished.

The resources I used to determine the players rating:

Biographical Encyclopedia of the Negro Leagues
James Riley

Complete Book of Baseballs Negro Leagues
John Holloway

and Dozens of websites

Hope you all enjoy this mod, and yes I named it Phase 1 because there is MUCH more to come.




Includes uniforms and stadiums that were mistakenly left out of the first release.


Initial release

I am confused.
No Josh Gibson?
No Satchel Paige?
Am I missing something or just stupid?
Probably stupid as usual.
If these guys are in the mod where do I find
them (teams)?
I found Oscar Charleston.
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Josh and Satchel werent around in 1927, well Satchel was a rookie, and couldnt throw the ball over the plate yet in 1927. So where is Satchel? He is in Left field being chased by the batter with his bat waving around......again. True story, happend 2x that year LOL

Josh doesnt debut in NeL baseball until 1929, so he isnt here either.

In Phase 2 coming out.......Satchel will be on his Rookie team the Birmingham Black Barons, but he wont be the Satchel your expecting. he will have control issues, but he will stil be a great pitcher to use.

Phase #3 will feature Josh Gibson, Buck Leonard ect.

In this mod look for guys like Dick Lundy, Cool Papa Bell, Martin DiHigio (although his stats arent what they might have been he had a down year in 27) and others. they are scattered across teh MLB teams.

You found Charleston in Brooklyn if i remember right. He would be one of the Main greats in this mod, he was a beast. Torriente, and Dick redding too.

hope your having fun with it even without the actual Faces of what we call Negro Leagues today, people dont always realize that there were some 40 years of Negro Leagues, BEFORE Satchel and Josh.

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If you decide to check out TC27 Integrated, you might also like the addon graphics pack created for use with this mod.
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Thank you very much for this 8)
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