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  • 17 Jan 2012 Download Total Classics 1915

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Total Classics 1915
By dennisjames71
Deadball baseball is alive and well!
In this Total Classics Mod, you can re-live the 1915 baseball season with many legendary stars from the early 20th Century in their prime years. Pitching definitely rules with Hall-Of-Famers like Pete Alexander chalking up 31 wins and Walter Johnson with 27. Home Runs in 1915 were at a premium with Gavvy Cravath of the Phillies hitting a Babe-Ruthian 24 HRs in the season (the largest total in the century up until that time). Speaking of the Babe; you’ll see him here in his first full season as a starting pitcher for the World Champion Boston Red Sox who faced the Phillies in the World Series. Another historical oddity that you’ll see here is legendary hitter Rogers Hornsby on the bench for the St. Louis Cardinals because he only played in 18 games as a green rookie in 1915.

The 1915 Mod Includes:
*Ground-up rebuild that introduces a games interface similar to the iconic 1915 Cracker Jack Baseball cards.
*1915-era photos, loading screens, backgrounds, jukebox music, walk-up music.
*The 16 Major League Teams plus a bonus Federal League team; the Chicago Whales who won the 1915 Federal League Championship.
*2 Custom All-Star Teams (with 1915-esque uniforms) made up from the best players in each league.
*All fireworks visuals, fireworks sounds, and siren sounds are removed when hitting a home run.
*Full 154-game official 1915 schedule.
*Modded 16 stadiums plus a modded Weeghman Park for the Chicago Whales team.
*Created uniforms for all teams. The look of the 1915 Whales road uniforms is not officially known so I designed what I thought it could look like.
*OTBJoel’s excellent Legends From the Booth audio mod with Vin, Ernie, and Mel calling the games.
*In this initial version; there is not a lot of player audio; but there are player announcements for the star players of the era such as Ty Cobb, Walter Johnson, Tris Speaker, Babe Ruth, and Joe Jackson, for example.

Contributions and Thanks:
bctrackboi11 for his great custom, old-time baseball and baseball bats of the era. Joe Jackson’s famous Black Betsy bat is part of his contributions too. Thank you also for creating the promo YouTube video earlier this year. Excellent work!

OTBJoel for his iconic Legends From the Booth audio mod that automatically makes this (and any) game 2000 times better. Thank you also for creating the team names for the Brooklyn Robins and the Chicago Whales for me.

DylanBradbury for his great work on creating a 1915 schedule to make the mod’s experience that much better. Also, a tremendous thank you for your superb batting/fielding/pitching calculators. This mod would not have been possible without those. I used these calculators for every single player and simmed 4 different seasons and many of the stats almost mirror the real-life results of the 1915 season. These calculators are scary-accurate.

Special thanks always goes out to Jim825 and all members that have created past Total Classics mods. I can’t tell you guys what an inspiration your creations have been to motivate me and they are always a joy to play.

There is always potential for improvements to my mod and they may be coming soon. Perhaps more player audio and the additional 7 Federal League teams may become a reality in later versions; but in the meantime enjoy this mod that captures a special era in baseball history.
Have Fun!!

Just follow the README file and you’ll be fine.

*README for Total Classics Baseball 1915*
-After you have downloaded the "Total Classics 1915" zip file; double-click to open it.
-Extract the contents of the zip into a folder.
-Double-click the "explodeme' 7z file
-Find the location of a CLEAN copy of MVP Baseball 2005 and click "Extract".
-Allow the program to extract all of the new content.
-Play the new Total Classics 1915 mod.


Revision History




-Added player audio from OTBJoel's Legends From the Booth project. Also, added/updated stadium audio.
-Fixed some player attributes such as throw handedness.
-Updated many player faces from the assignments used in Total Classics Phase 10.
-Added a modified version of SeanO's Baker Bowl for the Phillies.
-A few new player portraits and minor tweaks here and there.




- Initial release

OH man you finnished it !!! AWesome!!! Wish all this stuff i had started on for it could have been some use, but I know thats on me :-(

Im excited to try this one out soon man,

Big Props for Dennis, pretty much keeping TC and MVP05 alive single handedly, (with all the rest of the great modders as well of course)
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OH man you finnished it !!! AWesome!!! Wish all this stuff i had started on for it could have been some use, but I know thats on me :-( Im excited to try this one out soon man,Big Props for Dennis, pretty much keeping TC and MVP05 alive single handedly, (with all the rest of the great modders as well of course)

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I must be doing something wrong, everything is working, but the players are wearing 2005 jerseys
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Oh, figured it out, had to create that Katie Roy free agent, not like I'm going to use the Free Agents
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Bought MVP 2005 specifically for the classics mods Phase 10 and 1915 and am enjoying it.
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Hey All,
I wanted to post a disclaimer that the version #2 of the Total Classics 1915 mod is a reality because of one man…OTBJoel. He put in the long and difficult work of improving the mod greatly with adding his legendary audio mod, more photos, and many other corrections based upon the original concept. OTBJoel kindly provided this hard work and I had intended to merge it into the mod back in February but I had gotten swamped at work and was honestly ‘burned out’ of modding after the Negro League and 1915 releases.

ALL kudos and thanks goes to OTBJoel for this vastly improved version of Total Classics 1915.

Personal thanks (x1000) to you Joel.
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No problem... We're all a team on this site.
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I'm really grateful to you...
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Thanks again for this mod and update.
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