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  1. has woken up from a year's long nap :D

  2. The YouTube Thread

    This isn't a youtube video ... it's hulu and MySpace but it falls in the same category. Mr. T on Conan's show picking Apples. (Replay the other night, Orig. Aired Oct 2000). Very very funny ... I pity the Apple !!! My Space:;videoid=982328 Hulu:
  3. Happy Birthday Totte. Hope you get what you want today.

  4. Random Thoughts On A Sunday Morning Updated To 6-19

    That was a funny one about Favre. The Jets rent a player for one year, nothing happens and we don't have a good QB next year because of the owner's infatuation with Favre. Maybe he should have just bought the Packers a few years ago. Or maybe he should just hire Favre as his pool boy or his gardener. LOL. Sunday .... I'm thankful hardly any snow fell in the New York area but not thankful that it will be much colder later this week. I don't know how people living by the Great Lakes do it with all that snow and cold. I can't wait till the warmer weather ... and Baseball season. Now that the football season is long gone for both New York football teams, I'm in 100% baseball mode again. At least as a Met fan, they keep me entertained until the last day. That's unfortunately better than some other teams. :(
  5. Site Issues

    The site looks really good and as some said above, it's faster. And I like the some of the post font changes as well as some of the emoticons, especially these: Keep up the great work.
  6. The Official Right Now thread...

    Same here. And waiting for tomorrow's meeting where we have to tell our boss we didn't get anything done yet. Uh oh. Or maybe I'll call in sick. Oh, wow. How is everything doing? Hopefully December will come quickly and January will come slowly.
  7. The YouTube Thread

    4HPd6cRapCs [align=center]Video of Ivanka Trump on Jimmy Kimmel Show -- Check what Andy D!ck does and what they do to him[/align]
  8. The YouTube Thread

    rJbtFAmXPkY [align=center]Master Card ad...Priceless[/align] xGE34VAqYTk [align=center]Super Mario Rescues The Princess: Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade[/align]
  9. My Exciting Baseball Game

    Who does the supervising of these umpires? Are there any other umpires in these games? And if so, what did they do if anything? And wouldn't there be a conflict of interest for an umpire to do a game where his kid was on the team, got kicked off the team and goes to school? Is it common to have umps to work their kids' team?
  10. MVP Baseball 2005 for Dummies

    :wave: Great thread xiberger. I'll be a frequent visitor of this thread. I woke up thinking that such a thread would be nice. And here it is. It's kind of like I was psycho or something. :loco: Great work. :wtg: Question: For the cyberfaces, is it possible to go above 2x?
  11. Random Thoughts On A Sunday Morning Updated To 6-19

    ... It's Super Bowl Sunday and I'm wondering two .... make that three things 1. How much money can I make if I bet $1000 on the Giants? 2. Is it too late to bet on the Giants? 3. I forgot what the third thing was ... I guess looking at all those women at the Super Bowl Pre-game party in AZ destroyed my train of thought
  12. The Players

    Nice posts ... I enjoy reading them ...
  13. Random Thoughts On A Sunday Morning Updated To 6-19

    Sry to hear guys. Don't worry about the teachers. Just worry about the material. One thing you can do is to read the next chapter before the next class even if you don't totally understand it. When the teacher teaches the lesson, the material won't seem that foreign. Hope you guys turn it around. Good luck. <rant> The World Series has been one sided. No competition. I turned the game off after the 3rd inning and went to sleep. I probably won't watch the 4th and possibly the final game. The good news is that Free Agency will come that much earlier. </rant>
  14. Official Stadium Request Thread

    Speaking about the Cyclones .. I think the Cyclones should replace the Mets Single-A team, St. Lucie Mets in the next major release ... from the uniforms (along with logos are already on site) to the stadium. I don't know why EA included St. Lucie in the game. The St. Lucie Mets are just blahhhhhhh ...... :depress: LOL @ hiheat ... I guess you brought the slow heat instead ... but you can tell by that picture that he either was caught off-guard or he couldn't catch up to it
  15. Official Stadium Request Thread

    Nice pic ... what happened to that hitter? It looked as if he was going to be late. I guess you can say that you brought the "hi heat".