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  1. meteamo added a post in a topic: Detroit Lions New Logo   

    the new logos look cool.

    Ya .. they can't do any worse. Because of the winless season, their expectations are probably low. Anyone can step in and even if they have a 1, 2 or 3 win season, it'll be considered a success. That's probably the best job to have ... knowing that winning only three games won't get you fired. That is ... if they win. I wonder if they'll come out with new uniforms too. They need the ghost of Barry Sanders. LOL
  2. meteamo added a post in a topic: Typing Speed   

    This is a little weird ... it says 50.4 WPM but I usually type much faster when I'm not sleepy. I type about 3 WPM when tired.

    I know I can do better though. Let me try again. 56.2 WPM ... at least I did a little better this time but it still sucked.
  3. meteamo added a post in a topic: New York Mets New Inaugural Hat Logo   

    Great job. These look great. Keep up the good work ... wtg
  4. meteamo added a post in a topic: Letter To 2ksports Ne1 Agree?   

    Two minutes is fast.

    That's okay though. This place is much better. Take off your shoes, sit down and enjoy.

    And as was said before, I'm sure it'll take a little while to come up with a patch and it's more or less easy to come out with Patches for Window Games. This is their first crack at a Baseball game for Windows [in this series] so I'm sure it'll only get better. Just give it some time.

  5. meteamo added a post in a topic: Fox 08 Theme   

    I saw the video. Twice. The overlay looks really good. (If I decide to play baseball again, this will be the first Mod I DL). Nice work.
  6. meteamo added a post in a topic: Slama-lama Ding-dong Commercial   

    That one is funny.

    Most of the other Budweiser commercials are pretty good too.

    It's all about licensing.
  7. meteamo added a post in a topic: "Official" Pro Wrestling thread   

    I thought TNA is a privately held limited liability company and that it's owned by Panda Energy. I imagine Panda Energy might be a publicly held stock but I'm not sure if TNA is which means all the talk about Mick being a stockholder is nothing but another story. And TNA was lucky they persuaded Panda to buy it since it would have gone bankrupt back then. Sometimes, there's no putting off the inevitable. LOL
  8. meteamo added a post in a topic: "Official" Pro Wrestling thread   

    Your breakdown of TNA is nice. Is that the same Dixie Carter as the one from the TV show Designing Women?

    And I guess there may be a 2 tier system where one group of guys can only be fired by Dixie and another group that can only fire the lesser of the two groups. The Women's Division was so much better than WWE IMO but if I miss the TNA show, it's no big deal whereas I usually don't miss Smackdown or Raw ... until baseball season of course.

    My question is .... what will happen when TNA does fail? What will happen to all those guys on TNA? How many of them if any will then go to WWE or just decide to do something else like retire? I think they have to re-evaluate the whole platform so as not to kill the show. Competition is good and if WWE is the only show in town then who knows what may happen.
  9. meteamo added a post in a topic: Mlb 2k9 For Pc?!   

    Hah. You would tend to think they would have got that right.

    I couldn't see the year number in the picture. Was that 2k8 or 2k9 like it looked like? If 2K9, I hope this isn't any type of foreshadowing for anything else.
  10. meteamo added a post in a topic: Mlb 2k9 For Pc?!   

    People are still playing High Heat? Wow. And there were five people too? I guess that faction is dwindling. I never played High Heat so how was that game compared to MVP? All I played before MVP was a little Triple Play and a lot Front Page Sports. That was a long time ago.

    Maybe I should think about buying High Heat just to check it out.

    PS > Necessity is the mother of invention. And home is where the heart is.
  11. meteamo added a post in a topic: Mlb 2k9 For Pc?!   

    Agreed. For people that been here for a while, it's so much more than just the MVP game. It's about the community and a place to talk about baseball and all that other stuff. If and that's a big If ... If the game is decent enough, I can see people trying the game out. I can then see people trying to see if it be modded. And then I can see if it can be modded then some of the limited number of mods being here or at EAmods or yet another sister site. But baseball is baseball and it transcends any game for the real baseball fan. And for the real baseball fan, especially ones that love the history of the game will most likely prefer MVP just simply for all the different year versions and what can already be done. It'll be nice to do this and that with whichever game that may come out but if it can't be customizable than it may just be a flash in a pan and just something people may eventually get bored with since it'll just be like another console game where you can't fully mod it like a pc game. There will certainly be choice but MVP05 will always be here.
  12. meteamo added a post in a topic: 2009 Mlb Season Predictions!   

    It would be nice but there's a just so many players a team can pick up that have been offered arbitration before they run out of draft picks. Orlando is not needed. And Castillo isn't a cancer as everyone thinks. He'll be better. The offense was good last year but the bullpen which they mostly addressed was one of the worst. It's hard to win games when your team keeps on going to the bullpen with a lead and the bullpen blows them as fast as Paris in a youtube video. I would continue but it would be too much about the Mets.

    BTW -- I revise my predictions. Sorry for picking the Padres to win the World Series over the Rays. I now pick the Royals to win instead.
  13. meteamo added a post in a topic: 2009 Mlb Season Predictions!   

    Agreed. Too early. There are so many free agents still out there that could factor into a team's success or failiure such as Mota*, Benitez, and Glavine. And there may be some blockbuster trades as well. Then again you got any injuries that will come from the WBC or every day life, such as accidentally cutting off your finger with the hedge clippers while doing gardening or twisting an ankle while trying to play basketball outside your house. I imagine it would be easier to predict in March.

    And just like Evil, I've been picking the Mets to win for the past 20 years but look at how that turned out. Maybe I should start rooting against the Mets so that they actually do win. BTW ... I would love if every team goes 81-81. That would be fun.

    * Mota was recently picked up. I wish his new team luck.

    But for predicting purposes:

    AL East-

    Rays (X) - beat Rangers and then Mariners and lose to Padres in WS in 7 games

    AL Central-

    Royals (X) - beat Mariners in first and lose to Rays in second round
    White Sox

    AL West-

    Mariners (X) - lose to Royals in first round
    Rangers (Y) - lose to Rays in first round

    NL East-

    Nationals (X) - lose to Pirates in first round

    NL Central-

    Pirates (X) - beat Nationals in first round and lose to Padres in second round
    Reds (Y) - lose to Padres in first round

    NL West-

    Padres (X) - beat Reds and then Pirates and beat Rays in 7 games to win WS

    NL MVP - Lastings Milledge, AL MVP - Pat Burrell
  14. meteamo added a post in a topic: Random Thoughts On A Sunday Morning Updated To 5-24   

    That was a funny one about Favre. The Jets rent a player for one year, nothing happens and we don't have a good QB next year because of the owner's infatuation with Favre. Maybe he should have just bought the Packers a few years ago. Or maybe he should just hire Favre as his pool boy or his gardener. LOL.

    Sunday ....

    I'm thankful hardly any snow fell in the New York area but not thankful that it will be much colder later this week. I don't know how people living by the Great Lakes do it with all that snow and cold. I can't wait till the warmer weather ... and Baseball season.

    Now that the football season is long gone for both New York football teams, I'm in 100% baseball mode again. At least as a Met fan, they keep me entertained until the last day. That's unfortunately better than some other teams. :(
  15. meteamo added a post in a topic: New To Mvp!   

    Welcome to the site. Sorry I can't help you with your questions but personally, I just use 08 and nothing else when I actually play the game.