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  1. meteamo added a post in a topic: The Official Philadelphia Phillies fan thread   

    What's the status on J Roll? Will he be back b4 the playoffs or is he out the entire year?

    Hopefully they'll be able to hold off the Braves.
  2. meteamo added a post in a topic: Official New York Mets fan thread   

    The Mets season dies every year about the same time. I sitll will watch until the last day even if they are 20 games behind. They are finally playing the Phills well and they're season is just about all lost.

    Positives to take from this season ....
    1 ... Ike Davis can be the first baseman for years to come
    2 ... Pagan has proven that he can play every day and all season
    3 ... Tejeda has proven that he should stay on the big league club
    4 ... Parnell has showed that he can be the future closer or setup man, especially with his 100+ MPH fastball
    5 ... Playing some of the young talent lets the other teams see what they could have in potential trade situations
    6 ... Good move by Omar ... got something for Francour as he would be the odd man out with Beltran, Bay and Pagan
    7 ... Great non-move by Omar ... good thing he never traded Pagan but imagine what we can get for him now

    Negatives from this season thus far (besides the standings)
    1 ... Players like Oly Perez and Maine don't care about the team as much as their own personal piggy banks
    2 ... K-Rod has been so/so when he was playing but has a lot of off the field baggage
    3 ... Recent History of Poor Mets Managers continued yet again with Jerry and Omar proves that he's both good and bad
    4 ... Castillo although shown some signs of his youth has been slacking a lot and most of the year hasn't done anything
    5 ... Bay has had the usual Mets first year slump, just like Beltran but will hopefully be better next year

    Just like I've been saying for years, I think the Mets still need to acquire two aces to join Santana in the rotation. This would give us 3 aces (like the Braves had all those years and what some can argue what the Phills, Yanks and Giants have). And then Pelfrey, Dickey and Neise would round out the other two spots with one of the guys being either the long man (unlikely) or to be used in a trade package for an ace (pehraps Neise?).

    Any thoughts and ideas? Remember that there is still some time left of the season and if the Mets get hot like the Rockies this year and years past, then you never know.

    Braves vs. Phills look like a good race.
  3. meteamo added a post in a topic: Official New York Mets fan thread   

    I guess most of Mets fans did go on a break ... just like the Mets did last year. They wanted to start their vacation early ... as usual ~ just like kids in college before the end of the semester.

    Rumor has it that the Mets will make offers to as many players as they can only to see them go to the other teams and be stuck with sub-par players.
  4. meteamo added a post in a topic: Official New York Mets fan thread   

    I've been away for a while.

    Evil > Sorry to hear you're in the state anymore. That's one less good guy in the state.


    How long will we see Martinez at SS? He's awful.

    >> Hopefully the Mets can sweep the Sox .... and LET'S GO YANKS !!!!! :blink:
  5. meteamo added a post in a topic: Official New York Mets fan thread   

    Hah ... lmao

    Why did they pick him up and for how much? I have been away for about a week and the only thing I can think of is that something is wrong with one of the OFers.
  6. meteamo added a post in a topic: Detroit Lions New Logo   

    the new logos look cool.

    Ya .. they can't do any worse. Because of the winless season, their expectations are probably low. Anyone can step in and even if they have a 1, 2 or 3 win season, it'll be considered a success. That's probably the best job to have ... knowing that winning only three games won't get you fired. That is ... if they win. I wonder if they'll come out with new uniforms too. They need the ghost of Barry Sanders. LOL
  7. meteamo added a post in a topic: Typing Speed   

    This is a little weird ... it says 50.4 WPM but I usually type much faster when I'm not sleepy. I type about 3 WPM when tired.

    I know I can do better though. Let me try again. 56.2 WPM ... at least I did a little better this time but it still sucked.
  8. meteamo added a post in a topic: Today, I Met Bernie Williams   

    This is the best part IMO. What did he respond to this?

    That would have been cool ... telling him about the site part. There could be a Bernie Williams section. LOL

    Well ... as Homer asked, did you get a picture? If I was in that situation, I'd give him an e-mail address instead of trying to get a picture so in case if he needs someone to move furniture as Rolie suggested. Have you seen the Keith Hernandez episodes of Seinfeld with furniture moving day? LOL

    Well ... congrads again. Next time when he comes down, maybe he'll ask for you since everyone else would have been too busy mobbing over him as you mentioned what later happened. You were good. My coworker wanted his son (who's in a famous Rockaway Rap Group) to meet me at work regarding website work. I told him that it wouldn't be a good idea to meet there since many other people at work would be too busy trying to get autographs and such. Sometimes, as someone who may be famous it is nice to have a decent conversation without being asked for autograhps and for pictures to be taken. Thumbs up.
  9. meteamo added a post in a topic: Today, I Met Bernie Williams   

    Good story. That was nice. :)
  10. meteamo added a post in a topic: Official New York Mets fan thread   

    Okay @ Villone. That makes sense. A few months ago, I would have wanted at least two lefties in the bullpen but my coworker has been convincing me that (1) if you're in the big leagues, you should get both righties and lefties out and (2) the Mets are looking for guys who can get more than several players out (instead of the specialists). It makes sense. But, it would be nice to have someone like when Darren Oliver was on the team a while ago. From what I saw of Figueroa last year, I like him but I don't know that much about him or Parnell. I'll have to look at Parnell a little more.

    Yeah ... I agree. I'm starting to think that Murphy will be the every day Left Fielder. I don't think he'll have a hard time against lefties but even if he does, I'm sure Evans, Reed or Tatis can step in. Church is playing really well. Let's hope he can keep that up. The OF situation looks good I guess ... better than I thought. Sucks to be Anderson though (or Pagan with his tough luck injuries).

    Thanks for the 4-1-1. So I guess the team is more less set. Reyes led off Thursday and he did well so perhaps he'll be the lead off guy come April. And then you got Delgado, Wright, Beltran and especially K-Rod doing well in the WBC ... so April hopefully should be very interesting if they can keep it up. And by them being in the WBC, we got to see some of the other players that otherwise wouldn't have gotten so much work in. Maybe they should have the WBC more often. LOL
  11. meteamo added a post in a topic: Official New York Mets fan thread   

    What do you make out of this? Personally, I don't think anything of it but ...

    3/19/09 - Pedro Hopes For Return To Mets

    As of right now, I agree with Spicy's rotation but I think Villone will be in the bullpen. The odd man out may be Figueroa but one never knows. The Mets may be looking for pitchers that can get both lefties and righties out which isn't a bad thing. Professional Pitchers should be able to get righties and lefties out and Professional hitters should be able to hit righties and lefties. I like Feliciano because he'll be tough on lefties but I'm not sure if he really come in and face the rigthies. Someone tell me if he can. I picture him as a specialist but is that a bad thing?

    What's the OF situation?
  12. meteamo added a post in a topic: Official New York Mets fan thread   

    Which former Mets Starting Pitcher pitched a complete game shutout for the Mets in Mike Piazza's Mets debut?

    The best part was that Mike Piazza joined the team a couple of hours before the game. It doesn't matter that Mike couldn't throw a guy out but he sure could call a good game and that's more important. Which leads me to another question ....

    Out of the current Mets catchers, who does the best job at a calling a game?
  13. meteamo added a post in a topic: Official New York Mets fan thread   

    Personally, I've been saying the Mets should re-sign him ever since the end of last season. But it doesn't matter what we think because the management seems to have made up their stubborn minds. Wilpon was spending money until the news about Madoff was announced. He said that losing money to Madoff will not affect anything but since that time, they were very tight with money ... not spending $4 M on 1 player but $4 M on three players that will either get released, injured or lost. It's Mo Vaughn all over again it seems. <sigh name=feeling value=annoyed/>

    BTW ... I hope Manny does well. If the Dodgers win the division, I can see him being in MVP contention easily.
  14. meteamo added a post in a topic: New York Mets New Inaugural Hat Logo   

    Great job. These look great. Keep up the good work ... wtg
  15. meteamo added a post in a topic: Official New York Mets fan thread   

    So ... do Met fans still think Redding can be on the team? LOL. 5 runs in a flash verse Michigan University and now 6 runs in .2+ innings verse Florida. Perhaps Mets management will finally agree with me about Pedro

    Garcia - sucks
    Redding - sucks even more
    Hernandez - horrible (but may win by default)

    Garcia, Redding and Hernandez is owed a minimum of $3.7 M. It's a shame that for an owner that lost a lot of money and is looking for ways to save money, they will spend $3.7 M for nothing. They may as well have bought mega lotto tickets. LOL

    Actually, instead of trying to get one of these bozos and if Pedro won't actually be coming back, I'd rather the Mets use Nelson Figueroa as the fifth starter with Neise as the lefty long reliever.


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