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    Awesome work bud!
  1. Thank You!
  2. Hey man! I just changed the screenshot images because I didn't like the older ones. It wouldn't let me edit them without a new upload.
  3. You are truly amazing BallFour Thank You so much bud for helping me out so, so many times! If you ever need easy but time consuming help on anything your working on please let me help in anyway!!
  4. Thanks again for these beauty's BallFour! I know you said you have family coming over soon and are going to be busy - just posting this batch of 90's Jersey's for whenever your free if you want to try them out sometime in the future. As always - many Please and Thank You's for all the work you do in your spare time man! If there is someway to pay it forward back to you please let me know man
  5. Just uploading a good face pic of Mark Langston just in case someone wants to take a try!
    Beautiful creations again BallFour Thank You as always for everything you do on this site to help!
  6. Thank you for clarifying BallFour BigGui was messing up last night but when I restarted my laptop this morning everything was working great lol I don't know why that happens (happened before) but a clean restart does work sometimes!
  7. Thanks man no rush! Have fun your Family
  8. Just one more question sorry! Do you know if any other files are needed besides the sky .fsh .ord .orl files? I could change the Day/Nite on a few files but not other ones (I checked for compression and rebuilding) but stuck lol Thanks again for helping me - means a lot!
  9. You're the Best man! Thank You (as always) for helping me again!!!
  10. Also these 1968 Oakland A's Uniforms if possible?
  11. Hey again BallFour! I was hoping you could give this Jersey a shot please?
  12. Could anyone please help me with directions on how to Change a Ballpark/Stadium's Sky (Day + Night)? Sorry to ask but I couldn't find the directions on how to do it exactly - Thank You