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  1. Roster 2017

  2. question where was the most updated portrait pack that u have gotten? and where?

  3. Roster 2017

    question where is the skydrive u can get the last seasons rosters being i cannot find it.. can u forward or let me know where that might be?
  4. Portraits for Prospects

    Yes i have i have looked through them all and downloaded quite a few of them i did not know if there was any updated ones that i did not know of .. thanks. i have and downloaded and talked to a quite a few people so yes i have.
  5. Portraits for Prospects

    Does anyone have a good portraits of the prospects for last year and this year for the game mlb2k11 or mlb2k12 . if so can some send it to me or give me a link to it. i am missing a few and a couple like jp crawford and others so if u have any good portraits could u forward me a link or send them my way please.. any help would be appreciated.
  6. i am having problems trying to find the updated cyberfaces for mlb2k11 and i was curious if there is a file that i can get on the disc or where can i find the most updated cyberfaces for the game of mlb2k11 being it seems mine or generic and i would like more realistic pic for the mlb2k11 please.. any help would be appreciated while i sit in a hospital doing test please.. please helpe please
  7. What is the most updated protraits for mlb2k12 if u know if there is some? i am looking for that and i have tried doing portraits before and had issues with it
  8. i do have the editor but for some reason no portraits showing up.
  9. I have gotten all portraits correctly for the game mlb2k16 but i have a few players that i have not potraits or do not know the right portrait id and if someone could help it would be apprectiated being i am trying to do this at the hospital due to my cancer so if anyone has these portrait ids or how to make portraits for these players if would be apprectiated. i am inclosing the list of players that i am trying to make and do. Junior querecuto Rays carlos asuaje Padres matt koch arizona dustin antolin toronto jake smith san diego robby scott boston jed bradley baltimore or wherever wandy peralta cinncinnati pat valaika colorado jordan patterson colorado kevin mccarthy royals james beresford twins matt olson oakland Any help that would be appreciated with portrait ids for these players would be appreciated and i do thank you again..
  10. Question for everyone.. i have a folder with portraits in it and its shows pictures of players and it is portrait that collide with players so my question what is the folder for and can u update it at all or is that not able to do that> any help would be apprectiated being i cannot find a updated ty editor list of player ids...
  11. updated list for player ids for mlb2k12? Does anyone have it?

    that would be great and if u do can i get a copy of it beng im working on the game now so i am needed a list of players that have numbers
  12. i am looking for the updated player id list if there is one like in spreadsheet form or any form just to see this list that they have and the correct numbers for those players if possible. Thanks for all your work for all stuff with this site. Thanks
  13. 2016 Portrait updates needed

    Thanks a lot for all that
  14. 2016 Portrait updates needed

    Thank you for your help.. i know i was needeing mlb2k stuff but that did help and i do thank u very much