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  1. Knights Stadium stadium_aaas.iff.zip

  2. mccoy stadium_aaae.iff.zip

  3. My Modded 2K12 To 2K13

    So choppy...it's more like time-lapsed photography than video.
  4. Would it be possible to change the Airflow batting helmet model to the new(er) carbon-fiber Rawlings S100 the MLB adopted this year? If so, is anyone with the modeling skill willing to take on the challenge?
  5. Kccitystar's Total Mods + Stuff

    Hah! Nicely done. Damn shame to see it stuck with a 2012 date, though.
  6. 2K13 Conspiracy Theory

    It's rare that the person who buys something of great value to the owner treats it as well as the original owner did. That's kind of how I feel things have gone since Kush disbanded and development was passed to its parent, VC. And it's not as if VC didn't try to give us a better and better game each year - it did. But I don't feel as though the game was treated with the same levels of responsibility and passion as it may have been should the original Kush team decided to continue working on its creations. I often wonder if any members of development team at VC are embarrassed by the buggy products they've taken part in creating. I know 2KSports/Take-Two doesn't care... Publishers and parent companies are pretty much just bean counters. And with the nearly endless influx of Rockstar-generated revenue, all the 2K division has to do is break even.
  7. Final Official Roster Update Mlb 2K12 Please?

    Are you just gonna give it to him without even asking if his copy is even legit? If it is, he doesn't need a 3rd-party source...
  8. Final Official Roster Update Mlb 2K12 Please?

    Launch the game, log into 2KShare, and it's there in the Downloads... Roster 2012-10-29.
  9. Game Hangs

    Using Beyondo and changing the date to 9/30/12 (as I have been since mid-October) lets me launch and play. I was also able to log into 2K Share, launch Today mode, and download and sync the Living Roster crap.
  10. Jazz Up The Minor League Ball Parks

    KC, if you need a frame of reference for some, you may want to take a look at the stadium mods Micropterus58 did for MLB2K10. He did 5 MiLB parks, and they were all nice. His Dr. Pepper stadium definitely stood out among them.
  11. Coming Soon - Ultimate Roster Project 2013

    WundaBreadz. www.baseball-reference.com has detailed contract information for MLB players. Some examples: Ryan Zimmerman: http://www.baseball-reference.com/players/z/zimmery01.shtml#contracts Albert Pujols: http://www.baseball-reference.com/players/p/pujolal01.shtml#contracts R.A. Dickey: http://www.baseball-reference.com/players/d/dicker.01.shtml#contracts Matt Holliday: http://www.baseball-reference.com/players/h/hollima01.shtml#contracts