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20th Anniversary Dynasty: Royals Aim To Repeat 1985


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Well I decided to take a stab at this dynasty thing - I'm already to 4/17 which actually isn't that far in. I'm using the lineups that the Royals/Royals/Wranglers put out on each particular day as well as the starting pitcher for both teams (if available). I'm not playing single A but I'm playing MLB-AA. Here are the logistics of my setup:

Rosters - URP 2.3

Progression Mod

Datafile - Kumala v 6 w/Spitoon's Walk Fix

Difficulty - Pro with these sliders (any not listed are at 0)

Fielding: Assisted

Strike Zone: Off

H/C Zones: Fade

Pitch Cursor: Off

Variables: On

User Pitch Difficulty: -50

CPU Pitcher Ball Rate: 10

CPU Pitcher Fatigue: 30

User Pitch Control: -50

CPU Pitch Control: -15

User Power: -5

User Contact: -3

CPU Power: 5

CPU Contact: 5

User Foul Ball: 50

CPU Foul Ball: 50

CPU Swing Freq: -16

User OF Speed: -5

CPU OF Speed: -5

User IF: -15

CPU IF: -15

User Throw Speed: -10

CPU Throw Speed: -10

User Throw Acc: -5

CPU Throw Acc: -5

User Catch Error: 4

CPU Catch Error: 4

CPU Catch Effort: -25

User Runner Agression: 8

CPU Runner Agression: 8

User Steal Speed: -2

CPU "": -2

User Steal Delay: -8

CPU "": -8

CPU Steal Rate: 10

I did it on Dynasty Manager and I think I have most everything set up now. Like I said, I'm a "dynasty virgin" so if there are any suggestions or the like on how to better my presentation of it I'm all ears (or eyes). I won't be doing any trading or deviating from the rosters the teams put out that day unless injuries leave me with no choice - I figure the Royals are going to blow this year...this is my chance to see how they would fair in this manner. :D Hope you guys enjoy it and I'll sure try to keep it interesting. Here we go!


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Good. I am glad to see someone else take over with the Royals. I have not had the chance to update my Royals Owner mode, and now I have a good excuse to abandon it. Grienke is a stud, so make sure to take advantage of him. You may find Matt Stairs to be too slow for the outfield, I would use him at 1b and Sweeney at DH when you can.

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The Royals' owner will see his first game of the season today after returning from hiatus on Saturday (April 16th). Team sources report that everybody is on edge and the players are ready to go after the closed door meeting that occured yesterday (April 17th). These are strange circumstances indeed and the baseball world is sure to be tuned in to see the team that some have dubbed "Expos: Redux".

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The Royals lost the first game since the return of their owner but look to rebound today against the last place Indians. This game will mark the return of Ruben Gotay from the DL as well.

Also in action will be Omaha who looks to start a new winning streak after being defeated by Oklahoma yesterday; as well as Witchita who will go head to head against the Arkansas Travelers.


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yeah, screw that playin every AA-MLB game noise - after the next update i'm going to manage the minor league games (A-AAA) and who knows, maybe if it's a down to the wire game i'll jump in at the end, but for all intents and purposes i'm only going to be playing the Royals games after 4/23 :mrgreen: hope this doesn't take away from my reader's experiences but i was getting a little bit burnt out...

4/23 update will be posted late tonight/tomorrow morning

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(haven't written up a whole boxscore yet but i figured out the basic table coding so maybe i can do one from there. i did however add a little scroller/ticker deal that seems to work - it will feature league wide daily scores and will be located above the minor league standings table)

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::couldn't wait for next update!...in archived news, under "High Desert 5, Lake Elsinore 3", my created boxscore is revealed::

again, it's basic, but by god it's my first computer-related creation and i'm proud :mrgreen: so from now on i'll be posting a single A story in the form of just the boxscore. the write-ups for AA, AAA, and MLB will stay in pretty much the same form - +boxscore!

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